Thursday, 12 May 2016

A day of joyous sights

I've been trying hard to relax and breathe. Hubby went out to dispatch Meals on Wheels. I'm trying to avoid the anger, vitriol, and hateful politics on Facebook and Twitter. There are many peeps who've posted many great Mother's Day weekend photos, which is hard for those sans family. There are others insisting on being more moral than our Prime Minister, or spreading myths around the causes of the Fort McMurray forest fires. Then there is the Trump issue.

Today, they are marching in Ottawa: protests against abortion rights. As with the courts ruling on my right to physician-assisted suicide, don't take my rights away, in your virtuous moral grandstanding. This is 2016. I had an abortion in 1974. The world didn't end. Birth control failed. I was sick as a dog. Full stop. Let's not set back Canadian women's rights 40 years. We're having a hard enough time with domestic violence and sexual assault. The Ghomeshi issue disturbs me so much. His abuse of power is so common in positions of authority, never mind amongst peers. </Rant over>

This is my journey to good mental health this week.
Firstly, Bambi sprouting his antlers, sitting in the sun out the kitchen window.

On the way back from seeing my client, the Greylag geese have been happily feeding on the river.

My client let me pick two african violet leaves from her collection. It's fun visiting her. She is 92, losing her eye sight, mobility and energy. My late father had such a collection. It is delightful visiting her. I have successfully rooted my two leaves in vermiculite and planted them. My thumb is so green.

I saw Daisy keen on something on the forest edge. Turns out it was a garter snake, the diameter of my little finger. She forgot it was there, and you can see her ear in the 2nd photo, as well as her tail in the 3rd. She wanted a mush, by this point, and flopped onto the ground!

The bullfrog tadpoles, who spend two years in the pond (unlike other frog species), has got wee little legs!

I hauled the hose out of the water barrel, and look who popped out with it, trying to fix up the water fountain in needed water. A grey tree frog.

I was trying to do laundry, first load was good (sheets). My clothes, I wanted to hang it out for the afternoon. Sadly, I forgot to push that 'START' button! Back I went later...the laundry was out for the 2nd time this year. The lovely white and purple violets look so nice around the flag garden.
P.S. Prominent on the laundry line is a lovely scarf my friend, YAM, designed. She lives in Scotland.

And in the forest, the trillium are happy to see the sun. Also, the hummingbirds are back! I was busy making some hummingbird food.

The lone bee house has hatched it's first compartment. I checked, and I'd put it up last September: Mason bee, pollen bee or solitary bee nest box

Then there is the fountain issue. I was trying to straighten it and it tipped over. The pump coupling, into which the copper pipe fits, snapped. I've wrapped it in a small piece of old hose. Jury-rigged. Now I just need someone to help me lift the big piece up over the copper pipe.


eileeninmd said...

Hello, love the geese and the cute hummers. The trillium are pretty wildflowers. The frog is cute! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

Anvilcloud said...

Good rant. I guess we are in agreement.

Christine said...

nice to catch up on what's happening in your world!

William Kendall said...

I've long felt that abortion's a woman's choice, and hers alone, and it should be safe and legal. No one has the right to interject in that.

The deer and the geese are particularly a delightful sight. One wonders what the snake thought of the cat.

Nancy J said...

Enjoy whatever your eyes see out there, ignore the bad "stuff", as I do down here. So much ranting about things that do not affect me, things I cannot change no matter how much I want to, things world wide that are horrific, dangerous, sad, and disasters. In all of this, I think of those in Fort McMurray, and when I saw on our TV, the Otago Rural Fire Authority is packing up goodies to send over, for the fire fighters in Alberta, I realise that the world is not so wide after all. Snakes and frogs, let your spring weather arrive very soon.

Karen said...

How is the tick count going? We're busy pulling them off the dogs we are pet sitting after their trip to Sharbot Lake area.

Red said...

we have a long way to go on women's issues and many others such as aboriginal issues. Your rant is appreciated and necessary.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Crikey, nearly missed this post! Glad the scarf holds up in washing... Fair enough to the rant... bravo for the 'therapy'!!! YAM xx