Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Book Review: The Cottage Bible

The Cottage Bible
This is a fun book! I have the first edition, which we kept at the cottage. They've done a second edition, which is somewhat shorter, but it is packed with information. They have lowered the price point, at the same time. There is an index, lots of good wildlife book references, for enquiring minds. The photos are wonderful, especially of the wildlife you will meet and enjoy in in Ontario cottage country.

Cottaging has changed so much, what with technology and societal changes. Sadly, with so many buying or building a new cottage or boathouse, there is much in the news recently about violations and by-laws for boathouses and waterfront setbacks. They do cover issues like pesticides and pollution.

There is such a range in types and styles of cottage, from a bunkie to a 4-season home with all the amenities. Our original cottage had a hand pump and a double-seater outhouse! Too many cottagers expect to create a city-like lot: manicured lawns and fertilizers. This is beginning to change with education from various cottager associations.

Mackie and Taylor have included some interesting cottage topics, including the formation of lakes, getting into geology, as well as biology, flora and fauna. They provide practical support for those who choose to live by a lake. Until you have a cottage, even if you inherit one, you never know what you do not know until you need to know it! There is much to learn, and much responsibility one should take. Power outages can be tricky! Storm photos; Also: No power, no phone, no InternetWe installed a generator. I figured out how to open, but not close the cottage! See 'Repairing burst pipes!' We hired the professionals. 

My late father could do everything at the lake. You begin to learn a lot of new things: opening the cottage, closing the cottage, but what fascinates me is the wildlife and how the book teaches cottagers to respect nature.

The authors share their research and experiences in a wide range of topics; how-to guidance, and problem-solving tips.

  • Buying a cottage
  • Weather prediction
  • Lake health and water quality
  • Shoreline erosion
  • pH and acid rain
  • Maintenance tips for a safe well
  • Aquatic organisms
  • Septic systems
  • Fishing essentials
  • Building a dock –(I recreated a dock!)
  • Living with wildlife
  • Light, heat and power 
  • Seasonal closing and opening of the cottage 
  • Repairing burst pipes.
  • Boating essentials

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