Friday, 4 March 2016

Tim Horton's Brier!

We like to watch curling. It is better than watching reports about Trump, AKA Drumpf. has been fodder for comedians.

His failures and bankruptcies are numerous.

Hubby watched the Tournament of Hearts women: Scotties. Daisy liked them. She won me a broom, which we donated as a fundraiser.

Next: the men, in Ottawa. Tim Horton's Brier. That is this weekend.

It makes me laugh, since Ottawa journalists aren't aware of curling, for the most part. Ottawa is a hockey and soccer town, methinks. Curling is more for rural peeps.

I identified Glenn Howard, curling legend, for CBCOttawa!

Hubby prints off the matrix. It's not great. In the bottom section they list teams by geography. Seriously! West to East. They could be listed alphabetically, or by the date of the games played. It frustrates him no end.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Again I envy your extensive coverage! That one little flurry of ice earlier this year, here - then no more.... sigh... I'd take the geographical listing just to have a listing at all!!! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

Admittedly I've always found curling perplexing. I know one of the rinks here in the city is often on the Doors Open tour.

DUTA said...

I understand you don't like Donald Trump. Well, not everyone can be a Ronald Reagan, who unlike other american presidents was not a womanizer, not incompetent, didn't start any stupid wars.

The american people are fed up with politicians' politically correctness which has badly deteriorated their country's prospects. That's probably why they seem to support Donald Trump. Regardless of wether he'll win or not, his campaign is very important as it will bring about a much needed shakeup of a rather smug, over-indulgent nation.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

OMG I would rather watch paint dry than watch that horrible man. Heck I would rather walk through a bramble patch. I am so so worried.

A friend FBd a cartoon today that said "Canada is erecting a border fence to keep out the millions of US citizens who will try to migrate North if Trump is elected." (I know I will wish I could if that horrible thing happens).

Red said...

You know me. No TV. No sports! man I must be dull!!!

Kay said...

There are some people here who say they will move to Canada if Trump wins. They're figuring you can just drive north and stay forever. They're in for a big surprise from what I've heard. It's not that easy.

Powell River Books said...

Stick Tail used to love to sit on the edge of the sofa and watch TV. Miss the little guy. - Margy