Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday Sketches: polka dots

Happy Easter
to those who celebrate!
I began sketching around 2012. I mean regularly sketching. I always taught sketching to my elementary students, from all my classes: JK up to gr. 8. It's a fun hobby.

My client, who had ALS, was in bed and every Thursday afternoon I would visit and sketch while I was sitting there. He often had a nap in the 2nd hour I sat with him. It became a regular part of my week and I enjoyed it. If I didn't include my quirky little alien, he'd comment on it! I so enjoyed him. His was a wonderful Celebration of Life. He was dearly loved and respected.

This week, I had polka dots in mind. I'm not sure why.
I was sitting with my current client, with glaucoma she cannot see my art, but I tried to sketch her dairy barn. It didn't take! I ended up doing some dots in crayon. I took a photo of her small and large barns and shall attempt it later. This is the milk house.
When we were first married Jerome’s father would bring the milks cans to the milk house, where I’d wash them. He wanted me to milk the cows, but I wouldn’t have any part of that.
 I was married in 1942, we moved onto the farm in 1943, when we bought the farm from Jerome’s dad. He moved to Kingston, where he died in 1968.
She, as age 92, has many African violets, just like my father. I've taken two leaves to try and propagate a cutting! We'll see how that goes.

We looked after the grandies last week, and I (too late) bought some new thin and fat markers, as well as new pastels for our pretend art school. Alexandra's Sunday Sketches

Pencil crayons
Fat markers


Anvilcloud said...

Happy Easter. We went to Temples yesterday. What a crowd! I had to go round and round the parking lot before I found a space. Then there was the wait, but it was nice outside, so it was all good.

Christine said...

Lovely eggs Jenn, it is the theme at creative Tuesday's due this Tuesday. Michael wants art done specially and only for his co-op. Maybe you could do one for CT this Tuesday.

Interested in your thoughts on assisted suicide. The Caholic church is against it and recommends palliative care. Spoke to a few of my relatives in the US and they feel that if they are in pain and that sick they want the right to die. Hope I am not opening a can of worms here. At first the archbishop seemed to make sense but maybe not, I tend to just obey the rules.

Saskia said...

Happy to meet you at Sunday Sketches!

Smiles from Belgium, Saskia :)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I've written lots about Physician-assisted Death, CHristine, since I've had so many clients who were palliative.

It is our legal right. The church can tell Catholics whatever they want, but if you are dying, and your pain isn't ameliorated (it is in MOST cases), and you face pain, discomfort, and being a burden on your family, it is your choice.

sandy said...

I enjoyed this post and your art - nice blog you have! Happy Easter - and happy Sunday sketches.

Fallingladies said...

I never could get african violets to grow, although I always wanted some!

William Kendall said...

Your last one's my favourite.

Red said...

You're doing all right with your polka dots. some of our elders lived very interesting and challenging lives.

Debbie said...

pretty sketches!!!! i'm curious if those african violets will propagate!!

Alexandra said...

Thank you for joining us this week and sharing a part of your life with us. African violets are hard to grow. I've never had any luck either. Adore your Easter eggs. Hope you have a lovely week. :)