Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Our March 27th day trip

Where oh where did you ever go?
On a daytrip
Don't you know!

Rideau Ferry at the beach
The icy edge it did not reach

I saw a frog jump in the lake
Sadly too quick the snap to take

On the bay I saw some birds
Turkey vultures, not in herds

Next we went to see the islands
Up and down, upon the highlands

Potholes galore it was a mess
Bravely navigated with finesse

Beehives ready for to spring
Joyous colours soon to bring

April has been NaPoWriMo, though I didn't participate last year. I felt a rhyme coming through as I prepared this post.

March 27, 2016

Rideau Ferry beach

The Big Rideau is melting!

Beehives are ready to go!

McDonald's Bay boat launch had a pair of turkey vultures, gulls, and mergansers diving for food, off in the distance.

This road had lots of potholes! Poor hubby! See the video below for the pain I put him through. Good thing he loves me. It's a lovely spot, but the road was 'not maintained by the county!'

The summer markets stands look so bleak. The old barn I need to sketch sometime.

Narrows Locks: a pine tree was damaged in our ice storm. There were no birds, as I had hoped.

We spotted swans on the ice there last year, in April! The ice is going much  more quickly this year.

The smaller ponds around Murphys Point Park are melting.

Watch for deer on the road! They are moving out of their winter yards. Can you see her in the next photo?!

We tend to have hubby drive, me snap photos. This is the road I put him on!

Slippery trail from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Denise inVA said...

Wonderful series of photos, worth the potholes and sweet hubby to take you over that road :) The video was fun to watch and I also enjoyed your poem. Have a great week!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely poem, says it all perfectly.
Looks like a great day out.

William Kendall said...

Spring certainly is coming. Dow's Lake is still ice covered, while there are some lingering slabs of ice in the Ottawa River.

Red said...

You're getting some good photo ops on your drives...some even moving you to be poetic!

DUTA said...

Like your rhymes and the video showing that endless road with potholes your kind hubby had to drive on it. Judging by the pictures, it was a lovely day trip.

Anvilcloud said...

It's good to get out and about again. Some days are better than others at this time of year.

Kay said...

Yay! That's an excellent poem and I love all your photos.

The Furry Gnome said...

Great new header photo! Sounds like a good day out too.