Tuesday 1 March 2016

March is here!

Time to take down the Valentine's Day decor and put up the greens. I listened to my wise friends, like poster boy  for physical fitness: septuagenarian Red, who told me to take it easy 'till Spring. I just loathe looking out at the broken branches, knowing I'll have to bash away at them. I have a bruise on my arm, which is my only incident so far!

I never have really celebrated St. Patrick's Day, since I'm not Irish! Also, In 25 years teaching, we were always on March Break on March 17th!
Since hubby is of Irish decent, what the heck! I complained that I didn't have a green flag. He bought me one, as well as a happy shamrock!

The Golden Goose had a bit too much to drink, and she's got a hat on her head. Silly goose! I've since removed the heart, but that was a two-day process.

You may question Frosty's outfit, but he is dressed for March Break vacation –in a warm clime! I think he could visit Cloudia or Kay, in Hawaii! I'm sure he would be welcome!

P.S. When I was out re-attaching a mailbox, a woman stopped, in her car, lowered her window – in the middle of the highway– to tell me how much she enjoyed my decorations! That was so nice.

P.P.S. Hubby went out to check out my flag, and the wind blew hard and broke the post. I'm so sad! I shall fix it later. I think it calls for duct tape!

2012 and 2013!


Red said...

See there's lots of fun stuff to do other than pick up sticks. If you wit to clean up you will have all the time to agonize over the mess and how hard it will be to clean up! Have a great day!

William Kendall said...

Terrific decorations! I know there's a St. Patrick's parade in the city... I'll have to photograph it.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

It is nice to know others appreciate your decorating efforts. Wind was wicked last night, wasn't sure if my flags would be there this morning. March is arriving like a lion later today. Take care, stay warm and safe.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Crikey, the year's rolling along.... I love your decorations too, from all the way over here!!! YAM xx

Kay said...

Too funny! Although he would look a little out of place here in Hawaii, we'd certainly welcome him. LOL

Christine said...

Happy St Patrick's Day especially to hubby! I put my artificial spring flowere out and packed the winter ones away