Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mailbox madness

It's supposed to be March Madness, but it was mailbox madness.

My mailbox was tipsy, after the big storm. Garbage wasn't picked up. In hindsight, I bought the wrong kind. The previous one was metal, I thought the new one would be a good heavy-duty one. Turns out, it is meant for the two-piece ones, like those in the 2nd photo. Whoopsie.

I didn't know how to attach it. The holes were too large. According to the side of the box, you can buy this plate, but I still didn't see how. It's amazing how many US products we get. It meets the US Postal Service guidelines, the box brags!

I figured out that I could use the above brackets, inside the box, and screw them length-wise on the inside of the mailbox. Thanks to my specialty drill attachments It worked out. These are two pieces, the elbow attaches to the length extender. Yay, Lee Valley Tools!

It was a cold, cold day. (Duh!) I was wearing my sunglasses and couldn't see the inside of the dang box, either. I sort of felt my way. I was cold, peeling off my gloves, but inside the mailbox, in the sun, it was warmish.

The rural mail truck came by. I told her that I was dubious that it was going to work. She handed me my mail.
File photo!
Right-hand drive!
Traffic zipped by, but I got the job done!

My water bottle froze. But we've got mail!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
May it now be filled with bright things and not too much junk!!! YAM xx

eileeninmd said...

Hello, our mailbox is always knock off by the plow trucks. I do not think they make a mailbox sturdy enough to withstand getting hit by a plow. I am hoping winte ris over soon, we are getting some snow tonight.

William Kendall said...

Of course, doing any work like that in winter makes it all the more difficult.

One wonders if the plow drivers were docked an hour's pay for any mailboxes they knocked down, if that would get them to be more careful.

Nancy J said...

You are a whizz with all those outdoor jobs, and your drill extender, a bonus for fiddly insides. Right hand drive!!! We get our mail delivered by the postie on a bike, but those days might be dwindling, as post shops get swallowed up in advancement and government reshuffling. Keep warm, frozen water tells me how cold it is up your way.

Powell River Books said...

When we bought our cabin there was a half barrel nailed to the log boom entrance. I was so naive I thought it might be for some kind of delivery. Now we know better. The only thing delivered are wind and waves. - Margy

Red said...

Well, this spoiled brat gets daily mail delivery to the door. However delivery twice a week would make more sense these days.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

OK then! You are so darn smart. I couldn't do that job even if the weather was good.

Kay said...

Congratulations on getting the job done!