Wednesday, 9 March 2016

"I best shower so I can take you out to lunch!"

March 5th 

" best shower so I can take you out to lunch!" He liked that idea. I had just done a workout in the basement and looked terrible! Off we went. Typical conversation:
"Where do you want to go?"
"Where do you want to go?"

We took a drive to Westport and lunch at The Cove. On the way home I spotted an eagle – not this one (archival photo)!

Mailboxes – a daily ritual in rural Ontario! Since ours keeps getting whacked, we're looking for ideas to brace it.

Rivers, lakes and rocks: frozen and unfrozen

I love the view from The Cove!

Ice Storm damage is terrible to the White Pines, from the February storm. They make me so sad, like they have broken arms, lying in the cold, wet snow.

Frosted Shredded Wheat and lots of trees!

Old barns. The tree, in the 4th photo, is growing out of the old silo!

More sights:


William Kendall said...

I do love seeing what ice does on those rock walls.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful winter scenes, do they grit or sand or salt your icy roads? Enjoy the lunch outing.

Powell River Books said...

I love wall murals in towns. We were driving around this week and I saw a farm that had made up a saying on multiple signs with the last one saying, you guesses it, Burma-Shave. Maybe you didn't guess, did they do that in Canada? I remember it so well as a kid driving through the farmland in California on the way to Grandma's house. - Margy

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It's hanging around, that white stuff!!! YAM xx

Red said...

You had a good winter drive so lots of bright winter photos.

Pondside said...

Sometimes I miss this landscape. Is this the Westport between Kingston and Ottawa? If so, I have very fond memories of a week with the Geography department from Carleton U for 'Geography Camp'. We were all crammed into what I recall was the Westport Inn. Good times! was the week of the famous 1972 Russia-Canada hockey game.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

That is the right Westport!