Thursday, 24 March 2016

Book Review: A Man of Genius

Lynn Rosen's debut novel
I was blessed with an advance copy of this book, A Man of Genius. I quite enjoyed it!

It's obvious Rosen has done some research into architecture. I always learn something from authors like this. Arthur Dolinger is the supposed architectural genius who is such a non-people person you want to smack him upside the head. It makes for interesting conflict, however!

The various settings are wonderful, and I was taken across the pond to warm climes, which was a relief. The characters are excellent. Rosen has crafted some crafty ones you love to hate and hate to love!

Having settled both my late mother and then father's estates, I found it an interesting journey!
  It will be released April 11th.

Centered on Samuel Grafton-Hall -- a fictional 20th century architect whose work is as brilliant and revered as he is unrepentant for his peccadilloes and perversions -- A Man of Genius immerses its reader in Grafton-Hall’s glamorous lionizing world. As Dolinger – Grafton-Hall’s lawyer and executor – attempts to piece together an extraordinary mystery prompted by a strange codicil in the architect’s will, readers are swept into the mind and misdeeds of a man of genius who revels in his cynicism and disdain, and leaves colleagues, lovers, and friends deeply scarred for knowing him.

Full of breathtaking imagery, doomed affairs, and questions for which there are few uncomplicated answers, A Man of Genius is an evocative and suspenseful look at a life of glittering achievement and the core of hubris. 


William Kendall said...

The cover alone grabs your attention.

Red said...

There's something that interests us about a twisted genius.

Kay said...

This sounds like an interesting book, though a little depressing.