Monday, 1 February 2016

We have new fishies, plus it was ladies' night out!

But first...
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
Friday, I had a date with my daughter. First, I drove to Manotick, to pick up hubby's special bread (no dairy, yeast or eggs) at $9 a loaf, but he loves it and needs it and he is worth it! Then, I drove to their home, in Nepean, and we went to the National Arts Centre (NAC) and saw The Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB).

It is a very moving piece, that truly shows us the impact of residential schools on our First Nations children. It was wonderful and powerful and horrific, all at the same time. Their trailer provides a taste of the production. Aside from the woman who had to talk and interject comments from time-to-time, to reflect her knowledge (i.e., 'smudging ceremony'), it was an amazing show!

Going Home Star - Truth and Reconciliation from Royal Winnipeg Ballet on Vimeo.

On the way home, I decided to go into Al's as goldfish are on sale this week. We can't buy fish around here in the country!

I was surprised as the had some they labeled 'pond fish', which is just what I was looking for. I am suspicious that these are partly Shubutkin, as well as crossbred with Alewives. Do you remember those? They are invasive species in Ontario. I must have brought some eggs into my goldfish pond, and they bred with my goldfish, then died out. I thought they were minnows, as first.

Invasive species: goldfish
When I first had goldfish, I wondered about them inbreeding. Then, I had an infusion of new genes about 3 years ago when someone was unable to care for hers..she gave me five. I'm on to Shirley IV, now, although she's lost all her colour, she still has her amazing tailfins. She bred with both the Alewives as well as the donated goldish, to produce fish with both shorter and longer fins. Then, I bought some Shubutkins. They have very short fins, but they are more sturdy than the feeder fish, and more brightly coloured.

Read more here:
Tails of the goldfish pond or One Fish, Two Fish, Orange Fish, Goldfish
Anyway, here are my newbies, I bought three, plus a Clownfish! The new ones include a calico pair, and a darker, large-finned one. The photos were tough, moving targets and all, but for the record...


On my way home from Kanata, I was turning left onto Wilson St., in Perth. A young lady ran the red light across my advanced green. I anticipated her action, thinking she was going to turn right, as she never did stop at the light.
I was shocked, and honked my horn, but I'm not even sure she realized what happened. Happily, I am home and safe!
running a red light from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


William Kendall said...

Ah, so that's what you came into the city for!

Red said...

I'm sure the ballet got the message across. More should see it as the racial discrimination in this area is great.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Your new fish are so cool! When Cort had to go off all yeast and dairy I was making him a bread recipe I found on pinterest. Don't remember what it was but it was easy enough and didn't cost nine dollars! You might do a search. There are a lot of good alternative recipes for special diets on there.