Sunday, 24 January 2016

Winter vehicles and winter driving

It was another 100km drive into the city for healthcare on Thursday, happily the only costs are gas, parking ($13), and lunch. I cannot believe the people driving. There oughtta be a test for sanity.

This semi passed another car and us,
at the same time,
and pulled in rather closely. I wisely braked.
The speed limit is 80km/hr.

This school bus did not stop at the red light
on Riverside Dr. 
He stopped in the middle of the intersection.

This vehicle we spotted near Perth. I couldn't believe the triangular track.

This is an Argo, amphibious 6-wheel drive, goes anywhere! XTV This one is in Smiths Falls.

The delight was lunch in the pub.
We were here in May.
I like seeing boats in the coats! This is The Swan, south of Manotick. We often stop here, out of the city, only rural roads for the rest of the drive home. We travel 100km into the city.
It's quite different in May!
 Into Ottawa Hospital for MRI #2

More vehicle news...

People are starting to put out their ice fishing huts. Sadly, people are not listening to the OPP. The lakes are not frozen in many places. You have to know your lake.

man has died on Inverary Lake, OPP confirm
By Steph Crosier, Kingston Whig-Standard ... Twitter posts indicate a man fell through the ice after travelling on the lake with a Kubota rough terrain vehicle (RTV)...
Rescue / recovery Lake abt 30 mins ago. Crew has left the ice now.
An RTV is like a light jeep. Inverary Lake is about 20km north of Kingston. They have called in an underwater rescue crew from Gravenhurst, Ontario to recover his body.


Christine said...

Looks like a lovely lunch, stay warm and safe Jenn, the shocking thing is these are supposed to be responsible drivers in these large vehicles.

William Kendall said...

That six wheel drive is quite a sight.

My idiot ex-brother-in-law, assuming he doesn't smoke or drink his way into the grave, might meet his end in an ice fishing drowning like that someday.

Red said...

It's too easy to get a driver's license . It should be just as easy to lose a driver's license.

GreenComotion said...

Hi Jennifer,
The triangular track is very interesting.
I suppose they need such vehicles to get around in the ice & snow.
Kingston - isn't that where Queen's U is?
I remember going via Kingston to Ottawa, on the VIA, from Toronto.
I like the photos of the snow, but that's about it. I can't handle too much cold anymore :)
Have a Beautiful Week!
Peace :)

Stephanie Faris said...

I love the pictures of you enjoying drinks at lunch. How fun! We've been snowed in since Thursday and it's been interesting, watching the photos of crazy drivers on the roads. We waited until it had all melted off the roads to get out there and even then, we rushed back home before it got dark because the roads will likely get slick again. However, the worst appears to be over!