Friday 8 January 2016

What a few days journey!

UPDATE: After a terrible incident, there have been many donations for this family. The father is in school retraining to be a PSW. They have had the funeral, the kids are safely back in school. I think they will do well, according to what I have heard in the community. They have money to get them up and going for now, and they are surrounded by a loving family and wider community. Kids are resilient. Hopefully their teachers will pull them through. I've often been an anchor in this situation. There is much information on helping children through grief, mourning and bereavement.
Children and bereavement
The donations have increased
We drove by the site of this incident, where a truck went through a stoplight and struck Ms. Harris' car. Drivers have to go up the hill, theoretically at 60 km per hour, and stop at a red light. You come down the hill, and there is an intersection. This is where the incident took place. There is a memorial at the site.

UPDATE: We have a new bird bath, and a new heater. I checked it every half hour, until a shim of ice formed, then realized I had taken the plug out of the wall!    [The bird bath saga]

First, a drive to Kemptville to Hansen's place. This was on Wednesday. Then, Thursday, after testing the heater, we drove to Almonte to pick up the last one in stock!

Arriving at Hansen's Garden Ornaments we found the pieces look lovely in the snow!

We passed an interesting place with seasonal decor still up! Santa is fishing...

Sadly, in Almonte, Moose McGuire's restaurant has burned to the ground. They are in the process of clean-up. Mill St. has photos of the firefighters working hard.

Lots of turkeys about! We had to slow down as they were on the side of the road.

Heater purchased, off we went to lunch in Smiths Falls. No, I shouldn't have had onion rings, but I did! The frosty falls looks beautiful.

It was fun to see a pair of eagles high in the trees, off in the bush. Poor hubby dropped me off, drove up to the next road and turned around to pick me up!


EG CameraGirl said...

It sure looks like winter there! LOVE the eagle!

William Kendall said...

The eagles are amazing!

I wonder what the deer would think of those fake deer in the yard.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

What a neat show Jenn, loved the Eagles.

Crafty Green Poet said...

The eagles are magnificent