Friday, 22 January 2016

PART XXXVII: Debriefing with urologist (Jan. 22)

CT Scan results

 8:45 left home, saw  5 Belgians standing still in the sunshine, a lovely sight,

and a neat truck/tank. An Argo XTV. JB says we can't have one, since Buster wouldn't use it responsibly!
Argo XTV
Traffic busy, passed 4 times, a truck nearly cut us off, but I braked.

Parking lot nearly full, squeezed into a spot. Several cars over the lines, and taking two spots. Sigh. Here in good time to park, $13 max, lower than Toronto = $20 maximum. The government is going to limit the daily max. to $10, so hospitals are going to have to find funding elsewhere.

10:42 Both of us powdered our noses, and were in our chairs, ready to go for our 10:45. Looked at DVD yesterday. Nurse mentioned sticker needs help! :-)
Full waiting room (18 peeps), but moving constantly, cheery staff.    Another doctor greets his patient, patient replies: "How are you?"
  "I'm great!"

Magazines from 2014! Should have brought some...
Note to self: this is visit #49 - why did I forget something to read?

11:36 Still waiting... An hour behind! Everyone needs more than the allotted time with the man.

11:46 we made it into the waiting room, 1 person just before us now. Our appointment was for 10:45!

11:59 Dr. Cagionnis finally arrived. He's on the run all day.
PSA= 1.7 was 1.4 CT Scan not so much different, still nodes. Another 1 cm lymph node down in the pelvis. Upper limit of normal is 0.9 . They sent us home from CT Scan #5 with a DVD to give to the doctor. I copied it!

Yes, PSA up a bit, and there is a third cloudy image on the scan. It could be new, or it could be that it was 0.9mm on the previous scan, and has gone to 1.0mm now. They might not have mentioned the third spot in the original report.
Yes, I've been graphing his PSA count! A nice, slow rise.

 Hubby is still taking his immunity boosters.

"You're both bright people." :-) Hormones not chance of cure, radiation would have been, but side effects would have been horrible. PSA moving slowly therefore good response. Injections between 5 and 10. Radio graphic disease a factor, intermittent, for lower disease, same as continual: Bone loss, somewhere in middle. Rational way to make a decision. Weighed pros and cons. Check PSA in 6 mos. no scan, only if PSA jumps.

We have reprieve for another 6 mos.(= July), then we do the PSA test again! JB was stressed about the scan. A relief to find it's a slow curve.
  The 100km drive is almost worse than waiting for tests!

Good news: we're home safe after a late lunch outside the city at The Swan Pub. This school bus failed to see the red light on Riverside Dr., and stopped halfway into the T-intersection.

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