Tuesday, 5 January 2016

How cold is it?

It's a new day! ( It's -15 F.!)
It's so cold...

  • the deer are wandering like cold, mournful ghosts, slowing moving across the frozen snow.
  • birds are frantic at the feeder.
  • walks require face and hand coverings.
Yet, the shallow wetland isn't frozen, and we've had snow machine operators hit objects, or go through the ice on lakes, which isn't deep enough to support them and their machines. Grooming means covering rocks and layering snow over obstacles, as well as cleaning away trees on the trail.

Donations have been amazing
Despite this cold, there are people with warm hearts. The family, whose young mother was killed in a car incident on Dec. 31st, has had a GoFundMe that has topped all expectations. Elizabeth Harris, their single-parent mother, was a personal support worker (PSW). The father now has custody of the children.  He's been back in college for retraining, also to become a PSW. Her funeral is taking place today. The family is overwhelmed with the generosity. It warms the heart.

The frog pond is cold enough to support the deer, but not me!


eileeninmd said...

It has gotten cold here too, only 16 ° this morning. BURR!

Stay warm, I am sure the birdies appreciate some water.

Have a happy day!

William Kendall said...

It has been an odd winter thus far!

Christine said...

stay warm Jenn, it is a strange winter.

Red said...

I guess your snow came before any ground froze so there's warmth under the snow. Minus 26 is pretty hard to get used to.