Friday 25 December 2015

Neighbourhood Christmas Lights

As is his way, hubby bought some chocolates to take into the emergency room staff at our local hospital.

I went along for a drive-by shooting. I'm not vey good and should have researched it before we left. You get the picture, though! It was so warm (15 C.!) that it was nice having the window open!

We still have thousands without power in Ontario.

I even managed to capture the full moon, accidentally, I meant to do a good photo of it but totally forgot!



Kay L. Davies said...

Nifty drive-bys, Jenn, especially the zoom-bys.
Some snow here from a day or two ago, and horribly cold. -18, which is up from earlier, and the computer says it feels like -24.
Not MY idea of fun. Oh, speaking of fun, I did write something on my blog page. Really. Not just photos. Writing which, although not deathless prose, will get some people up in arms and others to say "Oh, she's at it again."
Happy Holidays to you and JB.
Luv, K

Nancy J said...

For a gal with a brand spankin' new ride on mower, drive-by shooting should be a breeze. Love those lights, and JB, you are so thoughtful to the hospital girls and boys.Have a great day, we have 29Celsius at nearly 10 a.m. so maybe after the solstice, our hot days have arrived.
Hugs and happy wishes for you both.

Red said...

We didn't do the Christmas light tour this year!

Cloudia said...

Oh what fun it is to ride with YOU, Jenn!

Warm Holiday ALOHA to You,


William Kendall said...

Lovely lights!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Pretty Christmas and I love your husbands thoughtfulness ....

Powell River Books said...

15C! That beats us by a long ways. I thought 5C during the day was pleasant. - Margy