Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dorah has been twitchy

Poor hubby. Since I've been under the weather, he had to take Dorah into the vet. Then he dashed back into town to kill me some Caesar Salad for dinner. What a wonderful personal assistant!

Dorah has been twitchy. It's hard to describe. I was reading a novel, The Goldfinch, which describes the withdrawal of the main character from various hardcore drugs, and made me think of Dorah!
She runs into the room, meows gently, twitching the fur just above her tail, licking herself there, grooming along a hind leg or two, then runs into the other room, still twitchy.

She's been strange. Buster has been bullying her, as I've written. That has lessened since he is on his lovely meds (fluoxetine). She's usually up and about, when he is sleeping, and vice versa. She likes being hidden, and I made her a tent in the knee chair in the living room. We put chubby Annie on new food. It could be that Dorah is allergic to it. Could be fleas.

Plan A
We gave all four cats Revolution, to kill any fleas.
Plan B
If that doesn't do it, we'll take her off the new high-protein food, which is supposed to fill her up, without her overeating.
Plan C
Not yet formulated!

Just for fun, here is a look back at Dorah's photos. I loved how she climbed up on JB's head during her first veterinary visit! She loves catching snakes, bringing them into the house, but didn't find many this year. She climbed onto JB's head at her first vet visit. In one photo, she is looking for mice friends in the mouse hole under the bird feeder. She'll put her arm in up to her armpit! She likes our walkies. In the penultimate photo, she had a deer fly bite, which changed her facial appearance!


Christine said...

Oh I hope you can narrow down Dorah's problem.

Nancy J said...

I would think fleas, Comb her while she is standing on white paper, and look for tiny black specks.if any, run some water in a white basin, leave it moist and sprinkle the specks over. If they turn brownish red, flea dirts for sure!! Not all flea preventions work, Boris is one, and we had a cat at another home, she was allergic to flea saliva!! Beauty photos, my pick is her as a wee kitten, perched on a hat on a head!!!

Hootin Anni said...

Oh dear, I don't like reading that she is having problems. I do hope the vet trip was a success and she is going to get help/relief.

Out To Pasture said...

I suspect Dorah has a parasite (internal or external). Hope the problem (diet or otherwise) is soon discovered and solved.

William Kendall said...

Dorah is such a sweetie to look at!