Sunday 20 December 2015

Another Ottawa area memorial

Kinburn Side Rd.
They are ubiquitous, memorials. To ease my mind, I like to research the story. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes not. We lose too many young people to tragedy.

The two young girls died walking home in the fog, shortly after midnight when they were hit by a car travelling in the same direction. They often did this on Friday and Saturdays, we are told. There were three girls, and the one young lady was the sole survivor.

Teen girls killed together

Two teenage girls from a small community near Ottawa died after a car struck them as they walked home on a country road early Saturday. Carlie Fenton (1991 – 2007), 15, and Jenny Miller, 16, were walking south on Kinburn Side Road outside Pakenham, about 55 kilometres west of Ottawa.
Carlie Fenton, 15, and Jenny Miller, 16,
The two Arnprior District High School students were coming home from a Friday night party at a hunting camp and were trying to cross the road, said their 17-year-old friend Kristen Cryderman.

2 teens die after being hit by car on foggy Ontario road - CBC An Ontario Provincial Police news release noted the dense fog and light rain falling at the time of the incident and said alcohol was not a factor.

'Our whole school is going to be a wreck' - The Globe and Mail › News › National

The road was slick and there are few lights to brighten the hay fields along Kinburn Side Road. Kristen crossed first, but Jenny and Carlie paused. And in that one, brief random moment, a Chrysler Pacifica happened to drive past. 
In 2002, three days after Christmas, Carlie's mother was killed when her car crashed into a ditch on another rural road outside town. Carlie lived with her grandparents.


William Kendall said...

This memorial looks to be well off the road.

Red said...

Our kids do not have all the experience and sometimes pay the price.

Nancy J said...

In an instant so many lives have changed forever. So many families, linked by schoolmates, friends, distant relatives, and for the grandparents, total despair. I would hope this season there are less road accidents, a vain hope maybe, but my sincere wish, for all countries.