Sunday, 13 December 2015

A whirlwind visit!

I was so grateful that the kids came to visit from Vancouver. Jesse, Stacie and little Cluny! She is six months old, now!

The first day they were here (Wednesday) - we visited.

The next day, Thursday, I stayed home and rested (still not 100%!), popped a roast pork in the oven, while they went into town and shopped for Josee's birthday. Then, Friday, while I had an unusual two-hour nap, he prepared dinner! It was chicken with mustard and honey glaze!
When I woke up: a selfie, which Jess photobombed!

We ate lunch at what used to be the Cock and Bull. It was the spot of JB's and my first date, back in 2001. Jesse took our photo, for old times sake. We haven't been back to Ottawa for awhile.

This was the lemon face! She was a bit fussy, so we entertained her with one thing and another.

December, 2001, we sat here. There was 6" of snow. Jess' French toast was massive. He and Stacie shared!

Friday, Jesse helped me with two jobs: 1) to lop off the top of the Cherry tree evenly (I'm just too short to do this!) and 2) to decorate the outdoor Christmas tree.
I thought about it all day, and finally remembered where the timer was for the outdoor lights. They are set to come on at dusk, with a light sensor, and stay on 2, 4, or 8 hours in the dark. It is a great product.Tomorrow: the party!


Nancy J said...

Wonderful to have family stay, and even more so when they are taller, and can do the high jobs. I love it when they can re-do curtain runners, change a light bulb, and not even need a stool to stand on!! Cluny is a darling, what a great outing for you all.

DUTA said...

I like your little grandaughter Cluny (who dominates the pictures) and.. your kitchen. Family gatherings and good food provide the happiest moments in life.

Red said...

It's great to have family visit. Working at things can be very pleasant. Good times in 2001 eh?

Powell River Books said...

What a great family time. I miss that at this time of year. Not having kids or other relatives makes our holidays not as exciting. That's why we travel more in the winter than summer. - Margy

William Kendall said...

It does sound like you've enjoyed the visit!

Kay said...

I love those photos of you and hubby together. Sigh... I'm missing the rest of our family now.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Glad you're feeling better and what lovely ways to get cheered up ..l visits from all three of your sweet granddaughters ( and their parents;))... What could be better!