Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November antics: eavestrough, cats, sunset, blue jays

Rain barrel and goldfish pond in summer
It was a damp start to November. We've had balmy temperatures. It's something about hurricane Patricia's remnants meeting an Alberta Clipper. Then the jet stream. It is kind of the USA to send up the warmer air!

With this, I've had to do some repairs. I usually have the drainspout emptying into the rain barrel (see left), which then drains into the goldfish pond. Then, in winter, I have to redirect the spout back into the normal drain, since the rain barrel would freeze up and possibly explode. (The goldfish are, of course, indoors and I've moved 22 frogs down to the frog pond.)

I have a couple of pieces of eavestrough that I jury-rig to drain directly into the ground. For some reason, I decided to walk about during some rain and saw the it wasn't draining properly. The duct-tape wasn't doing its job. You can't have rain water dripping down a wall. Back to the drawing board.

I toddled off to Home Hardware and found a lovely expandable, adjustable piece of drainage.
I only had a few bumps and scrapes installing it. It was satisfying getting such a simple solution.

A period of world peace. Don't blink. These crinkly clown pants amused them. Daisy and Annabelle are getting closer to being friends. It's been months.

Another job complete: changing over my October Hallowe'en decorations to November. I can't find his large mustache, nor his large poppy. I'll just have to make a new set.

The skies, with the rain clouds and low light, yield up a feast for the eyes.

OK. Another mistake. I keep the peanuts in the antique pot just inside the front door, in the foyer. I left it out, thinking I would refill it from our large stash in the garage. Oops, I forgot. Butch and Sundance, and the Hole in the Wall Gang, found the pot and helped themselves. Then, the blue jays did their thing this morning! Photos are through the screen, and the plant in the front window, hence they are a bit fuzzy, but I though you'd appreciate the story!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Community feeding... why not eh? &*> (Am about to fly - may not be by so often, but WILL be reading... ) YAM xx

William Kendall said...

It sounds like those outdoor critters had a field day with that unexpected food bonanza.

Nancy J said...

Winter readiness, and here we are getting firewood for next year!!! You are a real handygal, guess I am a bit the same, Practical, caring, and a peaceful nature, have you done the test to see what you are? Precise? Playful? Powerful? or peaceful? If not, I can scan and email you the criteria for choosing who you are.

Red said...

A good rain will show you some things that need to be repaired. Never trust those racoons. They usually beat you.

Crafty Green Poet said...

cheeky blue jays!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Aw, so nice of you to provide a banquet for your critters , even if it was inadvertently!

troutbirder said...

All your fall projects being taking care of..... And I sit looking out the window unable to anything as my surgeon and physical therapist remind me that recover from rotator cuff repairs is a slow and carefully restrained process.. Ugh!

Breathtaking said...

Hello, and good morning from Portugal!:) I did enjoy the story of the Jays opportunistic raid on the peanuts, and cute pictures. The frog is cute too. Have a good week!:)

EG CameraGirl said...

I think peanuts are so tempting yo so many critters!