Monday, 16 November 2015

Marvellous young people in the world today...Bindi Irwin

This is for my Ottawa granddaughters! I bought them a series of book written by Bindi Irwin.
I taped a couple of shows, since Bindi was on Dancing With the Stars. We just didn't have time to watch them at Thanksgiving but we did yesterday! Bindi is an amazing young lady. She, her mom and brother are doing good work in the area of animals and awareness.

Now, I used to like the show much more. It's changed from an educational, reachable, amateur-friendly high-level ballroom dancing show, into a strip club pole-dancing style of dance, with some ballroom thrown in. Thankfully, they respect the young Bindi (17), and she is dressed tastefully and is given choreography, so she still dances with self-respect. There are other Fundamentalist Christian contestants who they suck in and sway them towards the dark side. When we show the girls some of the dances, they love dancing, we have to zip through the skanky parts. It's such a shame.

These are some of the books Bindi Irwin has written. We bought the girls the series of books, and they are very educational. I would recommend them for young kids. She is a great wildlife supporter, her entire family has recovered well from their dad's sudden sting-ray death, and kept up their animal welfare educational work.
Bindi Wildlife Adventures

Her late father was the famous Steve Irwin: crocodile hunter.
    Bindi Irwin
    Bindi Sue Irwin is an Australian actress, television presenter, and conservationist. She is the daughter of The Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin. Wikipedia

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William Kendall said...

Her dad would be proud of her.