Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Book Review: ACT III; Your anti-retirement book

ACT II: Your anti-retirement playbook; Williams and White 

This was a good read. I'm finding, as I navigate my way through retirement, that what was once a short period of our journey, this chapter of life is lasting longer, for many of my friends and family.

Lots of reasons: we're healthier, living longer, retiring earlier (some of us), or we are leaving jobs that left us wanting something more of something different. The other issue that confronts us can be health related. For me, it was depression: having moved, changed jobs and then quit work suddenly. I went from gainfully employed, to a fragile shell. I was caring for failing parents, and it was a shock.

What has occurred to me is that there are many people who are able to retire, but are either afraid to, or don't know what to do about it.
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We have entered a new age, forgive the pun, for those of us who are in our fifties. We are able to make more choices. This is a fine self-help book, with work pages that allow you to take a good look at yourself. It pretty much helps those without a plan, to create a plan for a balanced life, including mind, body and spirit.
The truth is, we tried not to think about retirement; it was frightening. How would we, who couldn't decide how to take a two-week vacation, decide how to have a life of full-time leisure? How would we, who had little time to make up for financial setbacks, fund the dreams of retirement once we knew what they were?

From the publisher

 Act III is a step by step guide (146 pages), helping people plan for their ACT III, a time previously referred to as "retirement." The book highlights changes in our lifestyles and helps people plan for the goals, interests, relationships, health, work and financial issues for ages 50+ so they can live lives of fulfillment and choice.

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Red said...

There's not enough done around our retirements to make them happy, successful and productive. I remember when I retired in 1997 , I was on my own. I had no idea of what was a head. I bumbled into a good retirement. At 76 I still have retirement issues to face. What plans should I make? Again there's not much precise information.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Too late for me at 75? Decisions made already ..happy with them, even with no book to guide me 😀. Sometimes a post brings me up short and makes me realize how damn old I really am ...and how long I've been retired ....and how you are closer in age to my daughter than you are to me )))

William Kendall said...

I can see that being very useful!

Cloudbuster said...

Ack! Retirement... Quite possibly my least favorite topic to think about! But this sounds like the kind of positive book I need to get as I approach the big 5 0 in a few more years.

Sarah Laurence said...

In my 40's I'm just launching a second career so retirement is not on my mind for a while, but I can see why this book would appeal to others.