Friday, 9 October 2015

The niqab debate continues: who wears a veil?

So you fear these women?
No, it shouldn't be a debate at all. We've worn head coverings in many forms across many cultures, traditions and continents.

I wanted to do some research. Here it is.

Unfortunately, as my mystery commenter said, there are those who have never met someone who wears a niqab because, of course, most Muslim women DO NOT wear a niqab. They wear a more modest hijab and long sleeves and skirts or pants.

Canadian survey of women who wear the niqab reveals ...

It's a choice by many young women in Canada.

There are many myths about us, say women who wear the ...

6 days ago - There are many myths about us, say women who wear the niqab. The vast majority of women surveyed who wear the niqab in Canada are not only willing to remove their veils to be identified, but feel it is part of their responsibility to do so, according to the most extensive research of its kind.

This image has been sailing around the Internet. Very few wear a burqa or niqab, even in deeply Muslim countries.

David Butt's article is pointed, he suggests you talk to someone wearing a head covering. Since few women actually wear a burqa, people simply do not have the opportunity. Most Canadian Muslims  wear a hijab. I had many conversations with my Muslim students, they felt more comfortable with this cultural practice, and I respected that. Our librarian in one of my schools wore a hijab, this is what she told me.

A court, a niqab and a powerful lesson in humanity

This is telling.
This is what Canada is about.
Zunera Ishaq, a Pakistani immigrant
 living in the Toronto area
I represented NS in an epic legal battle over her niqab. She alleged suffering sexual abuse as a child, and she just wanted to wear her niqab while undergoing the immense stress of the witness box in criminal court. The defence objected vigorously, and the prosecution, showing no moral courage at all, stayed neutral. She took her fight alone, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, where she was largely vindicated.

What is horrible is seeing the racism evident in the vandalism on signage. Now, vandalism and destruction of signs are two different things. It is illegal, but the racism seems to be the worst Canadians coming out of the woodwork.
People forget the wonderful immigrants who have made a difference, despite poverty.
These are the immigrants that
makes Canadabeautiful and strong

Remember the old-style nuns?


William Kendall said...

The ugliness that the Tories have unleashed with this matter disgusts me.

I got a kick out of that screengrab- the Tories being themselves naturally think God's on their side.

Rumour has it that God says She doesn't much care for their nonsense.

Red said...

Ignorance and prejudice are at play here. Stephen Harper likes to use both of them. With open minds we can learn so much from other cultures.

Red said...

Ignorance and prejudice are at play here. Stephen Harper likes to use both of them. With open minds we can learn so much from other cultures.