Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The graffiti in this election is truly shameful: Aaron Paquette's response to lies is decent

What was interesting is Trudeau's response to the shameful lies he wisely calls 'misleading ads', but the truly are lies.

This is shameful, however. Are they thugs? Are they they the Conservative base?
This good man, a gem of an artist running in Edmonton.
feel free to share...
I was attacked early on.
Then again, and again, and again. Here are the details:
The Conservative Party of Canada featured me in an online ad.
Problem is, the article they linked to clearly shows they are manipulating my words.

It's a complete misrepresentation. Oh heck, let's call it for what it is: a lie.
I knew that politics wasn't going to be fun and I was ready for it, but I didn't know the Cons would be stooping so low.
Next, they again attributed a quote to me, and again, it was for something I didn't say, type, or think at all.
It's about the oil sands.
This is a big deal in my riding as so many hard working people have lost their jobs in the oil patch lately. It's a serious concern and the Cons decided to just outright lie to scare people away from voting for me.
They use that ad in other ridings, too.
I must be very popular with the Conservative Party of Canada.
We weren't going to address these ads. The strategy for these attacks is that someone will get outraged and share it all over social media and the ads will get more life. If you don't respond, the lie stands and
people assume that because you haven't addressed it, it must be true.
Win/win for lies.
But the last straw was when my wife Clarice was pulling out of the driveway on Thanksgiving morning.
Someone spray painted a very large vulgar image on our garage door and destroyed the light fixture.
That kind of personal attack made her afraid. She had our 4 year old and our 6 month old baby with her.
So I'm speaking.
I'm refuting.
This election should be about making sure people have jobs, that communities are strong, that we are all healthy and vital.

We should be bringing our community together, not ripping it apart.

I live here. I grew up here. I have talked to tens of thousands of people on the street and at their doors. I have heard the stories of struggle and I carry them with me.

We should be electing representatives who actually care for our communities above themselves.
I'm focused on one thing: being the best Member of Parliament our community has ever had. That transcends petty party politics. That should be the goal of every candidate.
And that's why I have been working hard night and day, every day, leaving nothing on the table. My community deserves no less. No other candidate has talked to as many people as I have.
And I will end this with a humble request.

Help ensure good ideas win an election - not lies and fear mongering.
We need people to knock on doors, to help get out the vote on the 19th, to spread our message.
We need donations to counteract the lies with truth.
We are a threat to the established power and they are showing that they are afraid.
And that's all they have in the end. Fear.
We have Strength.
Let's show them how much!

To volunteer: | To donate

This should be illegal
 Printing lies in many languages


William Kendall said...

It just makes you shake your head with dismay. Hopefully this time next week, Stevie's having a meltdown and wondering where it all went wrong.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That's politics. Some 20 years back, I was involved with a minor party seeking to make a difference in Australian political life; I wasn't even the candidate and there was 'turd' in the mailbox and hate notes and all that gumph. Bless his idealism; may he be heard! YAM xx

The Furry Gnome said...

It is just so disgusting it makes my blood boil. And it seems to start at the very top of the Conservative Party and go all the way down!

Anonymous said...

This isn't just an NDP issue. In my riding (North Vancouver) the Conservatives can't keep their signs up. Every time they put one up it gets destroyed, torn down, drawn on, cut out, etc. This has been going on this entire election. Only a few signs from any other party have been touched. So you can't say that the NDP sign graffiti starts at the very top of the Conservative party. If so, then you'd have to say that the Conservative party sign destruction comes from the very top of the NDP, or the Liberals.

What is disgusting is the individual(s) (regardless of party affiliation) that are not letting the democratic process run its course. You can be strongly opposed to a candidate, party, ideal but to attack a candidates home, signs, personal property is an act against the democratic freedoms we all love.

Hope everyone goes out and votes. The election will turn out as it turns out but you can't complain if you don't do your part and vote.

DUTA said...

Nothing new under the sun. Political campaigns are made up of lies, manipulations,
verbal attacks, intimidation, etc...
If you're sensitive to all this, then don't go into politics.