Wednesday 7 October 2015

The goldfishies are in!

60-gal. fish tank

Goldfish pond update:

Nov. 5th –very warm days (18 C. today Daisy and I put another 8 green frogs into the frog pond.

Oct. 22
  • ~Today, removed two more, one dove deep = 22 moved to the big pond!
  • ~I've removed 20, one got away on the way to the frog pond below = 19 relocated.

My contact dermatitis is still healing. Thanks those who asked. I think it was on my clothes –unworn since the cooler weather. I washed them in Ecru (from MEC), and then washed them again. Crikey, it's awful. I put on my cream, then realized the stuff on my inner arm was rubbing off on the bed sheet. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

My fishy tale

Last winter, the small goldpond froze and thawed, froze again, and I had quite a few frog deaths in spring, as well as a few goldfish deaths -those who refused to come inside. It was gruesome and stunk so badly as I cleared it out. I couldn't get the smell out of my head for days.

Contemplating this over the summer, I figured out that when I removed the goldfish, I might as well remove the frogs and take them down to the pond. It took me hours to drain.

Daisy helper!
I had helpers. Daisy was fascinated with the frogs in the bucket.

Hubby helped, as I was hovering around the pond all afternoon, looking for rebel fish. He made two trips with a total of five frogs, talking to them all the way, assuring them that they would be happier in the big pond! It was so cute.

I removed 18 frogs, 6 still remained. Sigh.
Two toe biters, one small leech, similarly removed.
On Tuesday, I couldn't see any. I hope they abandoned ship!

Down to the pond we went. They gave a giant leap, and jumped for joy!

Back at the goldfish pond. Daisy was still looking for the frogs. Annie was supervising.

Ten fish recovered: Shirley IV (she's gone all white, tho), 5 orange/white ones, and 4 all-orange fish. Shirley is a Shubunkin, although she doesn't have the black.
I bought 3 of the orange/white fish in the spring to add to their numbers. They don't have Shirley's fancy tail. They could be Ryukin Goldfish. Who knows? Here is a list of goldfish species.
They are a hardier species than the feeder goldfish I'd had for a time. They didn't reproduce this year. I'm not sure why.

A couple of older goldfish
now gone!


Kay L. Davies said...

Good idea, moving the frogs. I wonder if any will return "home" to your pond next year.
Cute cat shots, too, Jenn!
Luv, K

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
They look stunning in the tank Jenn... flashes of warm gold in your room through the winter; beautiful! Those froggies must have thought all their holidays had come at once!!! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

I wonder what the frogs make of all that. Hopefully the big pond suits them well.

Red said...

This pond has given you all kinds of enjoyment.

EG CameraGirl said...

Hopefully you got them all! Next spring your pond should be a whole lot nicer to clean out.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hope the frogs come back and the pretty fish survive! Coming back tomorrow to read your two posts above ... When I'm more awake and alert. Your header shot is beautiful!

Powell River Books said...

You are such a good pond mom. - Margy