Thursday, 22 October 2015

My singing tree frog –still singing

UPDATE: Oct. 24th 9 a.m., still singing, not croaked!

I still have my singing tree frog. Should I feed him? I can't spot him. Neither can Daisy or Dorah!
I found a worm while on a walk with Daisy, I threw it in the plant. In the meantime, I've been getting advice...

  Fred Schueler  told me:

back in the day, there were some Treefrogs ("rescued" from the construction of the Nepean Sportsplex) loose in Agassiz House in Toronto - there were Cockroaches, and the kitchen sink tap dripped, so the Treefrog would come down to the sink in the night to rehydrate and eat Cockroaches which were there on similar missions (it spent the days, and laid its little cockroach turds, on top of a jar of Marmite in the kitchen cupboard). So all you'll need is a dripping tap, and a source of Insects, Sowbugs, or snails. 
From Brian, on the Reptile and Amphibian site:
Two ways to eject a frog from a potted plant -
1) Treat the plant to a shower, either with a garden hose or in your bathroom.
2) Gently pull the plant out of the pot, roots and all.
We've disturbed many treefrogs taking refuge in hanging baskets with either method (usually unintentionally).

From Tam:
I feed my treefrog fruit flies all winter. Doesn't like store bought. Don't water your plant. If you tent the plant with a clear garbage bag and put a shallow bowl of water (half inch or less) on the floor by the plant, it's possible it will head down for a soak. Green dish or even leaf-shaped, if you have one.

From Frank:
Put some bananas, lemons, etc., in the plant pot. They should attract fruit flies for it to eat.

I cannot lift the pot too well. I will have to think this through. I keep hoping I would find him. I put a couple of pieces of apple in the plant. There was a mosquito on it when I checked. We shall see.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Golly, what a privilege to have such a resident! Still, it would be good to find him and be sure he (she?) gets to appropriate surroundings... YAM xx

William Kendall said...

Probably better for the frog to get out now while he can still get to quarters for the winter. Sounds like you'll have to give the plant a shower.

Red said...

They are well camouflaged so hard to spot.

Saskia said...

hanks for visiting my blog! Beautiful photos in yours!!!! Smiles from Belgium, Saskia :)

Kay said...

I guess it's true that your fun guest needs to go outside, but how cool to have a singing pet in your house.