Sunday, 18 October 2015

Book Review: Desolation Sound


14 severed feet. 2 men. 1 female cop. 1 knife.

Wow. That was a book! It's not a long novel (217 pages), but I really liked it. It takes place on and around beautiful British Columbia.  What is fun is that we visited Vancouver and B.C. last year, and went to most of the places (see below). You don't need that experience, mind you, but I think it is a deeper experience when you have been to such places! You paint richer pictures in your mind.

The plot is based on reality: Another foot washes ashore in Vancouver!  - Police in Vancouver say it appears a human foot inside a running shoe has washed ashore, the latest in roughly dozen such cases since 2007.
In addition, Desolation Sound Provincial Park exists, as well.  

Now it was a pretty bloody story, but since they are getting more and more vulgar on simple shows like Dancing With The Stars, where they are dancing like pole dancers, and they have to up the ante on shows like CSI and the like, I found that I could handle this one. The plot was a great one.

They are planning a movie! 
Heston’s Agamemnon Films is currently developing Desolation Sound as a feature motion picture 
  The book trailer, I just couldn't watch! 
I liked the setting, action, characterization, and the plot, just to be totally analytical.

Beautiful British Columbia

We visited to meet our newest granddaughter this year. You'll forgive some memories! Here are some of the places featured in the book! Our son and DIL live there, we were there to visit our newest granddaughter, as well, as the wedding last year. Then there was my visit with my daughter to see Jess' show in 2013.


Powell River Books said...

We had a shoe wash up next to the cabin and it made me think of they shoe and foot mystery from the Lower Mainland. At least ours was empty thank goodness. Our storm winds will take anything not nailed down, including our kayak paddle this month. I saw the book advertised but haven't read it yet. - Margy

William Kendall said...

Not a surprise that the circumstances would inspire novelists!