Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Labour Day was a fun day

Dorah is exhausted in the heat
It's the first day of school for our granddaughters.

Our first poem, an ode to summer!
I remember the excitement of preparing for the school year when I was teaching. I would go into the classroom during the penultimate week of August, when it was quiet, and no one else was about. You just can't get anything done with people in the school. I remember one Friday before Labour Day, Jesse helping me to paint my upper bulletin boards. Not our job, but it had to be done.

Now, retired teachers of Ontario (RTO) meet on Tuesday morning, the first day of school, for breakfast and to chew over old times. I refrain! Not so good in groups these days...

We had a lovely lunch with the kids yesterday.

Josephine felt that we had the wrong colour sign on the end of the driveway. I guess her father should explain 'ridings' to her, and strategic voting!
Our local candidate

Caitlin and I went down for a docktail photo-op, Isabelle to see the new dock. Isabelle, only age 5, took our photo!
We saw some wiggly bullfrog caterpillars. I demonstrated their wiggly tails shaking my booty. Izzy showed us how it was done!

After lunch the girls practiced bike riding. Jos went to a workshop for those worried about learning this skill. Rather than training wheels, they remove the pedals and practice this way. It was a fun time, riding down our hill!

Isabelle found a caterpillar. The good little scientist that she is, we had to convince her that the caterpiggly was safer in my aquarium, rather than in nature. I just figured out: the name of her Woolybear is an Isabella Tiger Moth!
Isabella Tiger Moth
or Banded Woolybear


eileeninmd said...

Hello sounds like a fun day. Your granddaughters are having fun on their bikes adn with the caterpillar. Cute kitty!
Have a happy Tuesday!

Out To Pasture said...

How clever to remove the pedals for learning to balance a bicycle!

EG CameraGirl said...

The first day of school is sooo exciting!!

Nancy J said...

Learning to ride, that is what the Grandies are for, to hold the seat, be there if a fall happens, lots of TLC and heaps of praise. You have it all. Your wee girls have you both, what a blessing.

William Kendall said...

One last day before school... I still can't see Labour Day as a day off!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a delightful day, well spent! YAM xx

Rose said...

Looks like fun times to me!

Red said...

You learn so many things when you're around kids. You have to look through a kids eyes. I think you have the right color at the end of your driveway.

Powell River Books said...

I remember the fun days of getting my room ready for the new students, but why do I still have dreams about it every end of August. Now they seem more like nightmares, losing kids, sending kids home too early, stuff like that. - Margy

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

P.S. I still have nightmares about teaching, losing my day book, can't regain classroom control, lost my way in the school... :-Q