Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fuzzy caterpillars and buddies in the aquarium

We've seen warnings about this...

Venomous fuzzy caterpillar spotted in downtown Ottawa

Transport Canada warns employees about caterpillar covered in poisonous spines

They were a bit vague, in that there are several 'tussock moths!' (See the full BAMONA list below!) Tussock moth caterpillars: there are twenty-one of them! I've been trying to figure out what kind of a caterpillar I took in. I brought one into my aquarium and we'll see what hatches. I didn't touch it, just lifted the whole branch and put it into the glass of water in the aquarium.

Lophocampa caryae Hickory Tussock Moth or Hickory Tiger Moth  <= this is what I think. We shall see, once it metapmorphosizes.

We went for a drive yesterday, this caterpillar dropped into the car somehow! I popped it into the aquarium.

In the meantime, one caterpillar, gone into chrysalis, is hatching today. The chrysalis is all black and this is the sign.

Wooly bear is still sleeping, dreaming of new wings.  (I have two in cocoon.)
This is the caterpillar Isabelle found, the Isabella.

Moths build cocoons, butterflies change into a chrysalis. Who knew?

BAMONA lists quite a few Tussock Moths.

Dasychira basiflava Yellow-based Tussock Moth
Dasychira cinnamomea Cinnamon Tussock Moth
Dasychira dorsipennata Sharp-lined Tussock Moth
Dasychira manto Manto Tussock Moth
Dasychira meridionalis Southern Tussock Moth
Dasychira obliquata Streaked Tussock Moth
Dasychira plagiata Northern Pine Tussock Moth
Dasychira tephra Tephra Tussock Moth
Dasychira vagans Variable Tussock Moth
Euchaetes egle Milkweed Tussock Moth or Milkweed Tiger Moth
Halysidota harrisii Sycamore Tussock Moth
Halysidota tessellaris Banded Tussock Moth or Pale Tiger Moth
Leucanopsis longa Long-Streaked Tussock Moth
Lophocampa caryae Hickory Tussock Moth or Hickory Tiger Moth
Lophocampa maculata Spotted Tussock Moth or Yellow-Spotted Tiger Moth
Orgyia antiqua Rusty Tussock Moth
Orgyia definita Definite Tussock Moth
Orgyia detrita Fir Tussock Moth
Orgyia leucostigma White-marked Tussock Moth
Orgyia pseudotsugata Douglas Fir Tussock Moth
Orgyia vetusta Western Tussock Moth


Nancy J said...

Down here, I saw 2 Monarch Butterflies yesterday, I have read that they hibernate under pine trees in our winter. Must get swan plants this summer for them. Love that wooly caterpillar?

Red said...

So how are all these guys going to get along once they become active?

EG CameraGirl said...

Ah, anticipation! Please keep us informed!

William Kendall said...

There's a bit of a resemblance to one I featured a couple of weeks ago... I wonder if that one had a toxic touch.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OMW flashbacks.....!!! In India there are 'pillars which drop from the trees - and you may never know they are there. Not large. VERY 'poisonous' insofar as one starts with just a little itch and the next thing you know you're looking like an overcooked eggplant... the rash and itch lasted for days and only very hot showers and talcum powder eased it for all of about 87 seconds.... other than that, I love 'em. YAM xx

Cloudia said...

Oh I used to do the same! What fun