Wednesday, 19 August 2015

PART XXXI: another consult with the Colonoscop


Hubby's memoir for Sady

I always do a selife!
Another marathon trip to a doctor for 8:15 a.m. in the city. 90-minute drive in order for this guy, who wants to 'close the loop', see us again. We saw him back in Feb. and his clinic misfaxed the colonoscopy report. The radiation oncologist didn't get it, either. No big deal, as it was refaxed.

Now, the doctor who performed the colonoscopy (Feb. 2015) and wrote the report, wants to see hubby back in his office. His office is 88 km away!

He gave specific instruction, post anesthetic, which I missed out on. Hubby was still recovering from said anesthetic. That said, he's a fine fellow.

#44 Dr. B 8:15 app't 

  5:30 got up
 6:30 left house to Close the loop
 8:06 arrived at Ottawa Hospital
 8:33 taken into room K4, checked paperwork with Neil nurse, first one who failed to introduce himself, blue scrubs, thought he was a nurse!

BTW poison ivy boils starting, don't know where from. (Back to this later.)

 8:37 We were reviewing notes, simply a matter of responding to the request for consult, after failing to get the colonoscopy report. Dr. B wanted to doit the I-s and cross the Ts.
 8:40 noticed gel, large tube
 8:44 Dr. F, assistant/intern convinced him to have his 7th rectal in 6 mos. might as well, She promises she send reports to everyone. They checked the mucosae (plural of mucus), but with a bad back, can't lean, they worked around this. Small swelling they attribute to scar tissue?

Either way, prostate cancer, says Dr. B, is indolent, slow growing.
His original report suggest hubby return in five years. Hubby and I giggled as he'd take the five years, and be happy to still be alive!

We stopped for brunch, as I wouldn't eat breakfast at 5:30 a.m., and all the Timmy Ho's were full.
My poison ivy rash and blisters were really awful, I've been using the steroid cream for two months on the odd spot. This time, again, it's all over my legs.
Into the ER and out in under 90 minutes.

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