Thursday, 13 August 2015

Canadian election October 2015

In case you didn't know, the Canadian federal election, despite theoretically being on a fixed schedule (Oct. 19th, 2015), was officially begun last Sunday. This is a long, 77-day (11-week) run.
Don't spend you war chest money on attack ads, spend them telling us what you are for, and for helping those who struggle. All I heard at the NDP rally Friday was "I loathe those attack ads!"

In the US they are still working on Republican nominations. I don't understand how they can have 17 running, and this gets TV coverage!

We had our own debate Thursday night, with all four party leaders.  This was a powerful moment. They threw statistics about, The National reporters discussed the mistakes in their stats. People Tweeted errors in there claims.

To those running the PMO

Only a few days in and I'm fatigued with attack ads. Don't tell me what you are against, tell me what you are for. Make your stump speeches worthwhile.
  • Tell me the difference you will make. 
  • Tell me how you can improve my life, my children's lives, my grandchildren's lives. 
  • Tell me how you will help those unable to: the sick, those unable to access home care, healthcare or the drugs they require (read How Are Drug Prices Set?). They are Canadians, too!
  • Tell me how you will improve transportation, infrastructure, to help those who eke out a meagre existence as the working poor, and those who are unable to work.
  • Tell me how you will work with Correctional Services Canada, (I volunteered in one miserable place), which offers a variety of correctional programs or the  Collaborative Justice Program.
    Our son-in-law, Jean-Luc Cooke!
  • Tell me how you will work with judges, lawyers and the legal system, in an era where crimes are down and institutions are crowded. [Harper has fought the law makers of the land: 
  • Tell me how you will include the land, sea and air, and the critters who inhabit it, in the governance of this country. 
  • Tell me how important it is to get off unsustainable, yea, harmful energy sources. 
  • Tell me how important people are (farmers, retail workers) not just the oil industry, the very rich who own them, and pipelines.
  • Tell me how you will reach out to those in the provincial, regional, and municipal governments, as responsibilities have been downloaded to those with small budgets, and ensure that all Canadian, not just the 'middle class' who support your campaigns, get their hand up. 
  • Tell me how you will use your silver spoon –not to help big businesses and the pharmaceuticals (such as Alexion), who continue to suck up my hard-earned tax dollars, while the Candian government is donating millions to countries whose governments steal said support. 

To the media

Canada election 2015: Where the leaders are Tuesday
I'm sick enough of the awful attack ads. I don't care where, how, and what the politickers are doing, or where they ate, or what they had for breakfast. I'm mostly sick of journalists earning a living, complaining of being on the road reporting these things, while eating three meals a day.

Disclaimer: this is my son-in-law, proudly running for the Green Party in Nepean, Ottawa!

National headwinds are blowing and they will affect the race in Nepean. And yet, I find myself dumbstruck by the candidate choices in my home riding. Let me count the ways ...

and in another riding:

Crooked nomination meetings and rumours of fixed nominations:

Former aide to Pierre Poilievre nominated as the Tory ...

Jun 29, 2015 - Former aide to Pierre Poilievre nominated as the Tory candidate in Nepean ... He currently runs the Daido Academy, a Barrhaven organization ...

Battleground Nepean: The Andy Wang Thang | Frank ...

Jul 6, 2015 - Battleground Nepean: The Andy Wang Thang ... of voter tampering, this time in last week's Tory nomination race in the new riding of Nepean.

High-profile Conservatives consider run in Nepean, but ...

Feb 23, 2015 - Andy Wang, right, former Parliamentary assistant to Employment and Social ... Conservatives are considering running for the party's nomination, but some ... For eg Skippy had an election budget of $107k in 2011, yet only managed ... electoral fraud, bribing senators, fixed nominations(they all do that one), ...


William Kendall said...

In fifteen or twenty years, the Short Pants Brigade currently serving as staff to the Prime Minister will be the ones running for office, and they'll be just as vindictive as the PM is.

The only thing that can save the Conservative party from itself is being totally annihilated in the election and having to spend a couple of decades in the wilderness.

Nancy J said...

Go, Jean-Luc, and I agree ...attack, all the same down here, not what they will do, but criticising all the others in another party. You tell them Jennifer, I could see you right up there campaigning, would you ever stand in politics?

Red said...

I wonder if you email the CPC every day if they would do something about attack ads. The thing is unfortunately is that attack ads work. I hate attack ads too but since I never watch TV I don't see them.

DUTA said...

Your son in law looks too nice for a politician. Politicians are the worst kind: liars,hypocrites,incompetent. They will concentrate on foreign affairs - it's easier; out of sight out of mind.

I'm kind of surprised that you have poor people in Canada. I thought it's the land of milk and honey.

Jenn Jilks said...

Well, Duta, obviously it is not the land of milk and honey! We have many immigrants and people fleeing war and poverty in other countries. We take them in, and ensure they can manage. We have a minimum wage in Ontario, but the working poor are barely able to survive.

Jean: Never would I stand! I can't stand crowds and groups!!!