Monday, 24 August 2015

Book Review: Condos and Condoms

Eva Alexander
I must admit... I've been slow to jump into this book. Neither condos nor condoms have an interest for me! Nor do short stories, but I persevered. Short stories are a specific genre, and I like to escape into another world, over, say, 300 pages. This is a slim book, as well. Only 108 pages.

That said, I've been reading a story or two at a time now we're back from a vacation.
They are excellent. You can sense that she is writing about real people she has encountered, or people she has encountered in her vivid imagination. There are a broad range of characters and emotions.

The variety of settings captured my imagination, as only a real-estate broker could get into interesting residences!

Everybody was high on pot of course, but coke and LSD was also available to try. They threw their clothes off and made love to everybody or anybody they happened to bump into...
Excerpt from Adam and Michelle

There are a few spots where there were editing mistakes, but not bad compared to some I've seen!

About the author 

 Eva M. Alexander is a real-estate Broker and a Toronto Luxury Condominium professional with a passion for short stories that celebrate life. She was born in Budapest and later moved to New York City with her family. She attended Indiana University where she studied Speech and Theater, Literature and English. Alexander is a member of the Real Estate Council of Canada and the Toronto Real Estate Board, and she loves to work, teach dance classes and throw parties.


William Kendall said...

This is the first I've heard of it!

Red said...

The author has a wide experience but in the end it's the imagination which makes the story.