Thursday 30 July 2015

Trip #44 for healthcare: consult with our GP and lunch

Our GP was very helpful, we are dealing with more information. Still weighing treatment options. Dr. Dan printed out the most recent test results for us. He's the same age as my eldest offspring. Bright, honest, open – he's the future of healthcare. He's quick to schedule us in, experienced and enthusiastic.

After our noon appointment, scheduled two days ago, we went to eat lunch beside the Tay River. Hubby said I could choose. It's a popular spot. Standard food across the chain. The service was good, we were at the tail end of lunch.  It is so peaceful just watching the people and the water go by. No hurry, just relax.

You can see cutlery in the water. It looks strange.
I saw perch, with their shiny bellies flipping around snatching food. Bass, too.

We won a free meal, and visited, eating indoors in Oct., 2010, when we first moved here. One must appreciate the old buildings in Perth. Our town turns 200 next year.

I didn't know the library had solar panels! We've lived here 5 years. sigh.

After this, we took a trip to see L. G. Lee and Sons new store in Almonte. The cats were home in the A/C, resting!


Elizabeth Edwards said...

i think solar panels have become the norm for a lot of business and people. even campers ... we have to many trees. i wonder if we would get any at all? ( :

William Kendall said...

The tower by the library really stands out to me.

Nancy J said...

Lovely settings for a quiet meal, and so thankful for a GP who talks straight. We are home, Hugh is OK, walking well, cats happy,. Joyce and Norman managed so well. I am thankful. Hugs to you both.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I too am attracted by that tower... and the canal... and the guacamole! YAM xx