Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Healthcare appointment #38: I love our Ontario healthcare system

Many have been asking about our healthcare situation. We were referred to a radiation oncologist in a (nearer) hospital, Queensway-Carleton. This is close to where we used to live, and saves us the time, energy and gas from going into, around and across the city to Ottawa Hospital. It means an hour or rural driving, rather than 90 minutes. One of the treatment options for cancer is radiation therapy.

Monday, July 13th,  2015

11:00 a.m. left the house for the 1:00 appointment with Dr. F : a 60-minute drive. They ask you to be a half hour early, in order to do the paperwork!

Road paving on Perth Rd. Thankfully, they are putting in shoulders. You know how I feel about driving around people on bikes!

You know that training place for supercops, on Perth Rd. #10? We actually saw some on the way by! It's that huge secret facility, with the big gates. A bit creepy to go by it! This is a drive-by shooting, good one for hubby! You want the good guys to be well-trained!

12:03 arrived at Q-C hospital, good driving, no parking issues!!! Not like the inner city hospitals. I love Nepean!

God bless the family for this philanthropic donation: Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre

12:14 We had just sat down to do paperwork, and were quickly ushered into the room by Dr. F, radiation oncologist. Module E is wing where we were. Hubby tolerates my selfies!

12: 25 Dr. Al H. took info on hubby's current symptoms post-surgery (Jan. 2014). She is a very keen, bright young woman, from Oman. She plans on finishing her training (she's 4th-year) and going back home. She wore a lovely hijab, white with silver-coloured embroidery.  We always get excellent treatment when students are involved!
All the staff, again, were terrific. They introduced themselves, and began their work.

Dr. Al H asked questions about his background, work life, smoking, etc.  She left by 12:30 and went to consult with her boss, Dr. F.
I got silly with the iPad.

12:50 Physical examination: Dr. A.H.: Checking lungs, abdomen, and he has no pain.
Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute colonoscopy
Feb. 2015)
See us in the window?
Colonoscopy report (Feb. 2015) is not on file. (Should get that printed and/or faxed to them). Everything else was sent successfully electronically. Note to self: always bring ALL of the test results. Fortunately, our GP had given JB a copy of the recent MRI.

Both doctors then sat with us for a discussion. Firstly, we've had scans this past year:
CT Scan #3 and Bone Scan #2, Dr. F. told us they are obsolete tests, since they are over 6 months old.
CT Scan #3 (Dec. 2014)
He's drinking the stuff
that ensure he can be scanned.
Bone Scan #2 (Fri. Sept. 19, 2014) Here he is.
Radioactive material in his body.
They slide him in.
This means two more tests this month: another Bone Scan (#3) and another CT Scan (#4).
I quickly tapped notes as Dr. F. talked. He was impressed with my speed! Practice, practice, practice! My M.Ed. is in integrating curriculum and technology!
Bone Scan #2 (Fri. Sept. 19, 2014) 
The doctor sketched the situation for us, based on the data and the exam. That is a hoot! We kept it!
Done with us, they sent us for blood tests. We were done until two weeks from now.

1:33 Leanne, our nurse popped in, took his temperature and blood pressure. Not bad for a 1:00 appointment. 

1:42 blood tests: right away, no line-up!

1:52 We were out of there. Parking was $14, compared to the $13 maximum at Ottawa Hospital. I know they need the money.

Good to see the young people gainfully employed!
You know that cancer hits all socioeconomic groups. I'm grateful we can afford the gas, parking, traveling time, and eating out on the road.

2:01  Off to lunch. East Side Mario's up on the roof. We were the bored young lady's only customers, it being Monday. She was happy of the company. Nice being retired, and being able to entertain our servers!
Yummy pasta and drinks, virgin caesar and sangria, all around. Leftovers for later, too. I ordered the dinner size, in order to have another meal out of it!

The drive home was uneventful We saw signage for the Rust Junkie Fest. Who knew?

4:15 Popped into our GPs office, and asked that they fax the colonoscopy report to the radiation oncologist. Thankfully, as hubby says, this office can be the quarterback station.
Home to sit, talk, and review the day.

NOTE TO SELF: take all your tests and paperwork with you, as well as drugs, and dates. I keep notes on the iPad, which helps. It was an excellent investment, bought used from our SIL!
The doctor will have a case conference with colleagues to figure out what to do, especially after these three new tests: blood tests, CT Scan and Bone Scan.

Next work: schedule appointments with GP and the referring urologist. sigh.

Requisite selfie!
The next day (Tuesday, July 14), we managed a 3:00 p.m. appointment with our GP, who answered all of our questions openly. You always think of questions later! Our GP, Dr. Dan, spent 45 minutes with us. We were grateful. He printed off the report for us, from the radiation oncologist, Dr. F., and discussed it with us. That was fast service! All sent electronically.

Next, we have tests, and another discussion with the urologist Dr. C., who is the expert on anti-androgen therapy. It's been a slice.

We can see our drug store from our Dr.'s room!


eileeninmd said...

Good morning, I am glad you are happy with your Medical System. It is great to have good doctors and you can feel confident after your visits. Have a happy day!

Olga Hebert said...

I understand that cancer is a full time job equivalent--except for the money going out rather than coming in.
Just saying--better to drive around the bicycle riders than through them (although I do understand how some of them do almost beg for you to do otherwise).

EG CameraGirl said...

Sounds like your doctors are all great! We have had good luck with doctors who really care about their patients too.

William Kendall said...

That's a better drive for you than coming deeper into the city. It makes more sense.

Powell River Books said...

That makes for a very full day, but at least you have excellent health care services within a reasonable distance. In Powell River we either have to go to Vancouver Island by one ferry or Vancouver the City by two ferries. - Margy

DUTA said...

I've heard a lot of good things about canadian healthcare system, but then Canada is considered a country with a great quality of life.
Anyway, I wish your hubby to successfully overcome his medical issues and go on enjoying life with his lovely family.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a 'mill'... that said, fresh sets of eyes and minds can often be beneficial. As indeed, is the change of drive and scene for you both. Those police dogs look the business!
Huggies from here. YAM xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have always said we have excellent health care compared to many other countries. We have always been treat well. Hoping things go smoothly for your hubby.

Red said...

Health conditions take over our life. we become experts so that we can look after the situation. Once again , I hope there is a positive recovery. Positive people looking after you go a long way in promoting confidence