Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Day 3 babysitting

On Tuesday, poor Grampa had to go into the city by himself, for CT Scan #4. It was raining, and we had a TV Breakfast. How decadent!

Grampa had to go into town for a CT Scan. An hour drive, some prep, a bit of background info on the first CT Scan in Ottawa from the technician, 5 minutes and he was done. The Bone Scan was about 50 minutes!

Since he'd fasted, he went off for breakfast, and then went shopping. Close Eyes is our ritual whenever we get presents!  Jos named her cat, which looks like Annabelle, Fluffy. Isabelle named hers Muffin! My cat, growing up as a child, was named Fluffy. He was long-haired and grey.
Fluffy (right) and Creamy.
 When Caitlin was little, we had a cat named Muffin. I cannot, for the life of me, find a scanned photo of Muffin. Later!
Two of my kids, at their Gramma's in Bala,
frog hunting, circa '87!
But, back to the present... so to speak!

We did some outdoor play, painted toe nails and finger nails on the deck. Grampa offered to let Isabelle do Grampa's nails, we thought we might later. He's really buying into the grampa stuff. He's a good sport. His business friends would be so amused! All the folks who do Meals on Wheels know the drill, though.

Isabelle had a swim, and we played in the water. Jos declined.
We Skyped with Mommy & Papa after dinner. That was a good 'touch base' for them. They showed off their presents, including this delightful little jewelry case, where Jos is keeping her cat necklace. Perfect thing for a little girl! All bedazzled! Her new squirrel is on top. She's been sleeping on the couch, since she's been reading Harry Potter past her sister's bedtime. It's tricky when they are more distant in interests and age (SK & gr. 3). I've been telling them this is their Vacay, as the peeps say. We can do what we want.

Jos' blanket is a quilt my grandmother hand-sewed. We've been talking about families and traditions. I made a horrible potato salad, in my great-grandmother's bowl. We talked about their mummy's great-grandmother, and so on!

Close Eyes! from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
We have a family ritual. Whenever we have a present for the girls, we call it 'Close Eyes',
"Grampa, do you have Close Eyes for me?!" You have to close your eyes and stick out your arms for said present.


Red said...

those kids are growing up in a hurry!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
STUFFIES!!!! Actually this makes me realise that of all the stuffies I have, there are no cats; now I have a mission &*> What lucky Vacay Gals...

...and is there any such thing as bad potato salad??? &*> YAM xx

Nancy J said...

This is totally gorgeous fun, is that a suitable word to use?? And a brush for the long haired one. Mr J, congrats on your trip by yourself, all a bit daunting I'm sure, but to get it all done and bring the " Close-your-eyes" presents, what a wonderful Gramps you are. Hang in there Jennifer, the words, posts ,photos and videos are wonderful. Full of love and laughter. All Ok down here, almost totally organised!!