Sunday, 21 June 2015

En-Route reports –worth a discount

We agreed with Cooperators Insurance to have a device in our car, which saved us 5% right off th
e bat. It tells our insurance peeps about our driving. After a year, depending upon the way we drive, we can get a further discount. At this point, we are looking at a further savings of 5 - 10% upon renewal.
Some would find this invasive, however, it is an interesting tool.
Insurance is based on risk, we're fairly low-risk.

The way we drive (we don't drive to work every day, for example), we have less risk if we aren't in rush hour, city traffic. Our 36 trips for doctor's visits in the city have added up, though!

On our trip into the city for a healthcare appointment, I found the data interesting.
Trips to town for groceries (5 km) are brief. The trips to and from the city (90+ km) were different. Going into Ottawa, on backroads –a longer trip, we had 7 1/2 minutes idling time. On the way home, during rush hour, we idled 12 1/2 minutes. I came home on a different route, hence the difference in km.
An 'event' means sudden braking, for example.

This would be useful if you had a teenager, about whom you were worried. You can set the info to warn you about certain events. I'm glad that ship has sailed! One son doesn't even have a car, since he lives in the city. The other has been given his mother-in-law's classic car, which he has refurbished and repaired, including a classic licence plate! I'm so proud of him!

Then, it gathers data on your environmental impact.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Useful... then again, a little bit too Big Brother for me! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

I'd be finding it a bit too invasive for my liking.