Thursday 28 May 2015

Wood ducks hatched!

My endoscope
 I took an endoscope video of momma on the nest. (The video is below!)

About 10 or so. Apr. 27
I screamed with delight and surprise!
May 25th is the day they could hatch, I thought.
Momma was pretty calm, but then we've had trees taken down, and there is much action in our forest. This looks like a snake, and she didn't seem to bat an eyelash.

The bugs weren't too bad that time, since it was quite cold! This week we are much warmer and they are terrible!
In Wood duck box #1 momma sits on 12 eggs, despite having trees chopped down around her. She nested really early this year! I felt so badly for her, but she hung in despite the chainsaws.

They are due to be hatched May 25th, I thought I'd take a peek with the endoscope camera May 24. Momma #2 was on the frog pond, in the second part of the video. She began laying May 19th, I think.

May 25th, down I went to see if brood #1 hatched. I couldn't see anything but one egg on the endoscope.  I was afraid she'd already gone. Turns out momma was away, the egg was warm and the others were still there. I felt badly opening up the box, but no harm was done. Me bad!
Little grooves to allow the babies to get
a leg up and climb out of the box.

In the meantime, on the way back, I tripped on a fallen branch and fell on my hands, right into the Poison Ivy! Argh! I washed and washed when I got back to the house.

There were 12 eggs, I think. They were quite uncovered, perhaps momma knew they were hatching?

Wood duck eggs from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
I checked the box with the endoscope Tuesday. They were due to be born any day now. I counted 12 eggs! Momma was on the pond watching me. The bugs are bad, and I had to use hubby's special hat!

May 27th

Back I went next morning (Wednesday).
Just to keep you posted...they have hatched. I anticipate that they will jump out of the box on Thursday. They follow momma, and just...jump! I've set up the Trailcam, and I hope I will get something. Last year I just happened to go down as they were going across the pond to the wetland, it was a guess. I don't have that option today. I got them on video in 2014: 5 ducklings out of 10 eggs. That was June, though. They ARE early this year.

May 27 hatched from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
After 30 days the Wood ducklings have hatched! It is normal for them to take 28 - 37 days.


William Kendall said...

That's quite a treat for you. I do wonder what the mothers think of that human behaviour.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...and before we know it you'll be showing us the fledge!!! Crikey, is it really a year since the last batch? phew..... YAM xx

pee ess - glad you met the Divine Miss O!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's so exciting, can't wait to see the babies.......

Red said...

You are focussing a major event. Watching the little guys jump out of the nest is scary. They just bounce and keep on going.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely to hear they've hatched safely!

Out To Pasture said...

It was a treat to see the eggs in their luxury down filled nest. I hope the dreaded poison Ivy didn't settle into your skin when you tripped into it. That plant is a horror I'm all too familiar with.

Kay said...

This is just so cool. Thank goodness you were OK after your fall. I'm glad you didn't get a reaction from the poison ivy. Close call.

EG CameraGirl said...

Very cool! I hope you don't get poison ivy though!