Monday, 4 May 2015

What a busy weekend!

What a lovely couple of days!
I've finished the goldfish pond renos, the fish are into the pond, and the pump is bubbling. I'm hoping for rain, to fill it up some more. The eavestrough drains into the water barrel, and it's a great way to refill the pond. It's amazing how much rain comes down on the surface of the roof. The white hose is the overflow, and it drains into the pool. There is a 2nd drain, and the 218 L (48 gallons) the barrel holds can be emptied into the pond as need.

I've put in about 100 gallons of water over the last few days. We're a bit short of full, though. I'm not sure how many holes remain in the liner. I'm hoping for rain, now that hubby' has painted the fence.
Marvellous invention!

Now, I await rain to fill up the pond

Next, I stacked some more wood, Annabelle is exhausted. I walked down to the pond while the lawn tractor was charging its battery and spotted a lovely little snake, an Eastern Ribbon, who froze in its tracks upon seeing me.

Red made a great point, nothing is easy. No job is simple. There is something that has to be done before the actual job, whether it is recharging the battery, or fixing a trailer, before hauling the wood.

The buds are popping on the Horse chestnut tree. Finally, hubby finished painting the fence and painted the benches. He had a well-deserved rest. It's amazing how many muscles we don't use most of the time. Also, I have bruises everywhere. Hubby hopes not to have to take me to emergency anytime soon. They always ask if I am the victim of abuse!


William Kendall said...

That snake's quite striking!

Nancy J said...

The pond looks so good, and when full, will be testimony to all your hard working days. Snakes. I am so glad we don't have them here. And no matter where we live, always something to do, sometimes I think the larger farms have it easier, a small house section, and then just huge paddocks. Your wood pile, I can see that is so good to have cut.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
HAH exhausted Annabelle....heheheheh.... Gracious, Jenn, the place is looking fantabulous gal!!! Yes it is true, though, that no job is a solo act; like the thread hanging from the bottom of a jumper... you know where that leads! YAM xx

(ps - Hari Om "That which is All, is me, is thee")

NC Sue said...

Very cool photos!
I hope you'll come link up at

Red said...

Not nearly enough use is made of water draining off a roof. One rain barrel fills with a couple millimeters of rain.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I admire your energy!! It looks like you guys are a few weeks behind us in the weather. We are running our air conditioner now, even in the evening.

Kay said...

Looks like spring has sprung beautifully in your neck of the woods.