Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Safe biking - 'tis the season

In a battle between a bike (or motorcycle) and a car or truck, we know who loses. Sadly, a 60-year-old man died on Easter Sunday, April 5th, 2015, turning left across the highway, when a car tried to pass.
We did a 100km drive, and found two groups. Which one is safer, do you think? The law says, ride as close to the curb as possible. This clump of 4, on a highway where 80km/hr. is the law, but people are doing 120, and passing us.

The key is to be predictable, while following the rules of the road. Unfortunately, there are many on two or four wheels who are not predictable and risk all of our lives.

Sunday, June 28th, a hit and run:

Cyclist dies after struck by vehicle on Leitrim Road

Shortly after 6 a.m., Ottawa paramedics responded to a call for a cyclist struck by a vehicle on Leitrim Road, west of Albion Road, south of the airport.
Dangerous out there on the roads

In Muskoka, during Safe Motorcycling Week,...

Two motorcycle deaths Sunday as Motorcycle Awareness Week starts

(May 4 10am BRACEBRIDGE) Two men died in separate motorcycle accidents yesterday... 

Bracebridge woman dies in motorcycle accident near Bracebridge, the second death this week

(May 7 11am BRACEBRIDGE) Another motorcycle rider has been killed on Highway 118 east of Bracebridge...

Whether you are driving or riding, you must be vigilant. I find it so frightening on the roads, when the road warriors get out there. We can follow the rules of the road, but if others do not, they risk life and limb. There are too many ghost bikes around.
This sad memorial haunts Ottawa

There are issues on the paths, as well. I know many who are afraid of cyclists 'hellbent on election,' going far above safe and legal speeds. Quiet walkers have to jump out of the way. Dog walkers are another issue!

Toronto trail Etiquette is sadly lacking

Egan: Path rage – NCC should create bike-only lanes in new river park


The National Capital Commission is looking for ideas to create a linear park along the Ottawa River. Here's one: kick the bikes off the bike path. Yes, I absolutely mean that.

I'm not sure how safe it is, riding a motorcycle in flip flops, but there he was, passing us on a double line! The 2nd photo was on a Port Carling road (curvy and winding roads), on a hill.

Ontario Highway Traffic Act: Bicycles

 Cyclists must ride far enough out from the curb to maintain a straight line, clear of sewer grates, debris, potholes, and parked car doors. You may occupy any part of a lane when your safety warrants it. Never compromise your safety for the convenience of a motorist behind you.

 Cyclists are required to ride as close as practicable to the right curb of the roadway, except when: •travelling at the normal speed of traffic
•avoiding hazardous conditions
•the roadway is too narrow for a bicycle and a motor vehicle to travel safely side-by-side
•riding alongside another cyclist in a manner that does not impede the normal movement of traffic 
•preparing to make a left turn, passing another vehicle, or using a one-way street (in which case riding alongside the left curb is permitted).

Here are the Ontario rules of the road

Toronto Cycling
What is biking like in your part of the world?


eileeninmd said...

Everyone everywhere should be safe drivers and bikers.. They all need to share the roads.. Great post, enjoy your day!

William Kendall said...

Those motorcyclists aren't taking the rules of the road very seriously.

EG CameraGirl said...

We all need to be more mindful when we are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle! Great reminder post!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I used to ride my bike everywhere... now (even if I was able to keep my balance these days) the behaviour of drivers would prevent me from taking it up again. That said, there are some idiot riders too... YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

We have some really narrow roads that bikes share with cars. It's scary at times for both sides. - Margy

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Some people just don't get it. My son doesn't like hiking with me on Turkey Mountain because of the trail bikes overtaking us out of nowhere without saying anything.

Gill - That British Woman said...

this problem just doesn't want to go away and it's a given that more and more people will have to die before more is done.

Kay said...

We have the same problems here in Hawaii. They're now installing more bike lanes but it makes the roadway narrower.