Sunday, 24 May 2015

Restaurant Review: Wildfire BBQ and Smokehouse

This is a fun place, open seasonally in a renovated garage, with a side car for food prep. Located at 6They have a Facebook page! Very richly flavoured and yummy smoked meat, including pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and loaded large potatoes. Lots of choices, including any of these on a bun, or as platters. We've only ever ordered and brought things home to eat. Very good portions, I feel the need to cut back the next day and have a salad! If you've been to any of the cook-offs downtown, you'll appreciate this spot.
5 Craig St., Perth, ON, right beside Timmy Ho's.

"Ain't no sin to have sauce on your chin!"
As is the way, you order 'sides' with it: slaw (which was OK), fries, beans, creamed corn, cinnamon apples. Not a lot of veggies, but this would be a rich meal after a long, hard day. We picked some up on our way home after birding! I'm not thrilled with the fries, they taste a bit rich, perhaps that is a function of having it in the container with the rest of our Smokehouse Sampler (1/4 chicken, 1/4 rack ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket). This was more than plenty for the two of us! They have ice cream, milkshakes, iced tea, soda, as well.

They've done their research!
You get what you pay for, though, as there are family meals you can pre-order and pick-up for home. A whole chicken, for example, but such a wonderful flavour, or a pound of pork or beef.

The signage is fun, showing 'how many sleeps' until opening, with local street signs obviously gathered from years in the region. You have to love a place that shows a sense of humour on the part of management. There was a countdown to opening, as you can see by the above sign! Their Muskoka chair is quite the size. The people I saw in the chairs couldn't really be seen! The hand washing station is important, as you really want to use your fingers and wash before and after your meal!


eileeninmd said...

Great review, the food all sounds delicious! Enjoy your day!

William Kendall said...

I've passed by it, but never went in. Thanks for the shots!