Monday, 18 May 2015

Restaurant Revew: The Waterfront in Napanee

Lunch, finally!
Poor hubby, he knows how much I like eating outside. Our summer season seem so short!

We spotted this place by accident. An outdoor patio beside water! Oh, for joy!
Firstly, the food was wonderful. We both had a spinach salad, with seasonal fruit, I had salmon on mine, hubby had scallops.

The service was excellent. They had two computers under a tent, and servers logged in our orders, fetching drinks and food from inside. The menu was quite extensive, and there were lots of options, even with hubby's food intolerances. Again, all food created in the kitchen and they offered to meet the dietary needs of patrons. This I like to read.

The facilities were terrific. Lots of booths indoors, and clean washrooms.

The location is ideal. What an idyllic spot. I'm really glad we were in the pre-shoulder season, May, as I'm sure it is very busy in June, the shoulder season, as well as in summer.

Poor man, as well as some of the other patrons, were cold!
I had popped a warmer jacket in the car and it came in handy!
We giggled about this. I offered him the blanket from the car, but he toughed it out.

My story

There was a couple beside us, another behind us and a woman behind Joe. The woman behind me was swearing profusely, dropping the F-bomb, in a very loud voice.

The woman beside me began to giggle. The woman with her started to snort, as things got worse before they got better. Then, the woman behind Joe was giggling and staring. What can you do?
This very attractive young woman, sounding like a miner.

You know the kind of voice you use when you are talking on a cell phone? This was the situation. I turned around to stare, she was dining with someone. I gave her that teacher look! She was a bit more subdued, but obviously trying to impress the man with her by her treatment of the English language. I think she was a hippie, and had tattoos on her leg. I don't know! Maybe a wanna-be hipster?!

I had hubby take my photo. He's more familiar with the camera than the videocam. We had more giggles.


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Looks like a nice place to stop and eat, will have to check it out the next time we are out that way.

eileeninmd said...

It is a cute place with the water view. I like the photos of you and hubby! The salad with salmon sounds yummy. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Powell River Books said...

I love getting to places in the off season. Much more enjoyable, as long as you don't bump into someone like you did. - Margy

Red said...

Some times it's a little cool to eat out at this time of year. However, you found a great place to eat. Unfortunately the jerks find good places to eat too.

William Kendall said...

It looks like a good place to dine. The lady with a sailor's vocabulary might want to think about minimizing the colourful language. Yes, swearing can be useful, but using it in every sentence just shows a lack of imagination and intelligence.