Friday, 24 April 2015

Trips to the city and outdoors

Busy few weeks around here. Between a dead computer needing surgery (fixed and done!), visiting an aunt, an Ottawa Hospital visit, and getting the winter tires off, we were into Ottawa a lot.

I heard, on CBC, of a study that 1 in 7 healthcare visits are wasted when test results do not arrive.
So far, we've not had that problem in 33 visits. It happened this time. The colonoscopy report wasn't in, a failed fax (who knows where THAT report went?!) was the cause. Also, the biopsy report of the removed polyps was missing. It's a good thing that hubby took notes in his recovery room with the doctor. I wasn't there, and couldn't take said notes. Our urologist had none of these notes. His office tracked them down that day, however.


9:30 Left the house, took the North Gower route. Such a peaceful drive with Gillian GPS, along the backroads. 
11:09 In the waiting room, fooled around with the iPad camera to pass the time. Then, I worked on my embroidery. Another patient's wife walked by and complimented me. She told me she did cross stitch, as well.
I can't read, since it's very distracting in the waiting room. Here's why:

1. One guy walked by, his Smartphone on speaker, speaking loudly into his phone as he strolled down the hallway.  2. Another woman complained to reception that it was 12:15 and when would she be seen. Five minutes later they called her name, but she'd wandered over to the window and couldn't hear them. The receptionist spotted her and yelled 'Madam!'

It's important to have something to do... love the iPad apps.

11:45 closed the office reception, which was worrisome!
closed for lunch!
12:20 (For an 11:45 appointment!) We were ushered into the exam room by an intern. He took our most recent information. Next, our doctor came in, he decided more tests: MRI and another biopsy would be ordered. Back to  the receptionist to give her the papers, and we were home free.

Off to validate the parking pass: $13.00. As we approached one set of elevators, we spotted a man in hand cuffs, in that familiar orange suit, escorted by two Ottawa police officers. We hustled ourselves off to the parking lot!

new bridge in Ottawa
1:25 made it to the parking lot and headed for home. We hadn't planned where to have lunch. We usually want to get out of the city by the afternoon. Hubby had taken a granola bar for a snack.

2:45 Made it to our newly renovated pub, Fort Hemlock, in Smiths Falls and had a nice, quiet lunch. There aren't many people eating lunch at this time, we get a lot of attention! We like the view of the water.

4:30 Home again, home again, jiggety jig. What a long day. 

I went outside to try and place the new Wood duck box I'd ordered last week. Hubby had a nap. It took me until 6:00 and I'm not satisfied with my work. It has a design flaw in that there are three screw hole across the top, insufficient contact with the tree to attach them. There needs to be something with which to affix the bottom. Any thoughts?! The old box has a hole top and bottom.

The old box at the other end of the pond has some downy feathers inside, in prep for nesting. I opened it up to check on it. This is good news!

You should have seen me, backwards on the step ladder, cold, big rain boots. I wrapped a rope around the tree to hold on to. The next day I'd pulled a few back muscles. Jeepers this old age sucks!

Last year's box.
Can you see the
feather in the opening?!
In 2014 we had 10 eggs, 5 ducklings!


Anonymous said...

What a long day! Tiring too and it must have been nice to get back to the countryside.

William Kendall said...

Very busy indeed. I have not been to that new bridge as of yet. For me, it's out of the way.

Nancy J said...

Long and trying , tiring days with a trip like this, Home, that blessed haven, let your days be warm, bird houses get attached firmly, and springtime stay , Hugs to you both.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
.... wait.... FAX??? I want to be flippant and edgy about that snippet.... but it is sad. It means they finally found out why everywhere else has moved onto the internet...or not as the case may be. Dear me.

Take rest Jenn - which includes NOT climbing up, down, or round anything!!! Have a smooth and resorative weekend. YAMxx

Red said...

These days are most stressful. There are too many curve balls thrown at you.

Powell River Books said...

Looks like the buildings are so close to the water. - Margy

EG CameraGirl said...

Yep, you sound like you've been very busy indeed!