Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Review: stuff you already know

I'm on a book review roll today.  So many books, so little time...

Stuff you already know! 
Oops, sorry, we're sending kids off to college, as they call it in the US, they apparently don't need to know about punctuation in titles! I do have to punctuate the beginning of the sentence. Gosh, this gets me going. The title discourages me, I wondered about the editing inside the book.What does the inside look like?! 

Then, thinking it over, perhaps they want to appeal the the kids who discourage punctuation, spelling and grammar. 
Well, says I, why would I want to read this? I already know it! 
Then, methinks, perhaps they want to encourage the kids to read it. I'm not sure they will. Young kids off to university know everything, don't they?
My 'kids' are ages 30, 32 and 36 this year. I do have experience with kids off to see the world. I taught a semester at uOttawa, too. Student teachers who knew how I should be teaching them. Sigh.

Turns out the book is well-edited, and seem to be on of the books for the bathroom reader. You can pick up gems of wisdom and put it down again until next time. I suppose it would be a fun gift, for parents who have the big bucks to pay for college. 

There are many wise words, truth be told. I'm just not convinced the kids would read them!
I'm thinking it might be a book mom or dad hangs on to , and you send an email once a week. (Or Gramma - kids listen more to them than their parents!)
This one is good:
#147. Before choosing a major, spend some time in the student bookstore  to get a better sense of the required reading.
There are gems for parents, as well.
I.E., #239. Recognize when you leave home you're not the only one who grows and changes. 

DeLapa Front Cover College
Gina DeLapa
DeLapa Front CoverWith college acceptance letters on their way, we are happy to announce Gina DeLapa's latest book:  Stuff You Already Know . . . And Every College Student Should.  For parents and students alike, Gina knows college years can be filled with promise and excitement—or filled with frustration and missed opportunities—depending on the choices you make.  From the right major to knowing when to ditch your roommate to preparing for the real world, think of this book as a friendly guide to making your college years count. Written in the same list and short anecdotal format as her first book, Stuff You Already Know … And Everybody Should, readers can expect to enjoy the same serious, humorous, and inspirational tips and thoughts in Gina’s latest instalment.

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Sarah Laurence said...

Sounds like a useful resource for both kids and parents. I like the advice about checking out the reading list first. I'd add looking at the syllabus.

William Kendall said...

It does seem to be a handy resources.

Red said...

We spend all our time in the library looking at titles and blurbs trying to pick out a book. If you're Mrs Fussy Pants about punctuation , I'd better watch myself.

Powell River Books said...

I've been reading a lot lately as well. I have a double stack of books on my bed stand. - Margy