Monday, 16 March 2015

More therapy: out for lunch!

It's been quite a time here at the house: new kitchen tap, new well pump, new painted car door, new door handle (it locked us in), as well as losing our precious Sady cat. Then my publisher's business was sold. I had to buy the last of my 288 remaining books, driving to Refrew to pick them up.

Our newest adoptee, Annabelle has been a perfect diversion. She much prefers living with people,
than living in a barn. She adores the grandkids, too! She was on my lap when hubby came home and growled when she heard the garage door go up. She is a guard cat!

My goldfish tank pump is still leaking –just can't get a handle on it! The flooring is warped and I feel so upset. It's leaked through to the basement ceiling. Sigh. One more coffee and I will think about what to do. In the meantime, we had a great lunch out last week.

A new restaurant, at least a newly renovated one, and a new owner, makes for much fun, too. We read about it in the paper.
East Meets West
This was a military-like enclosure,
with passageways for the horses in 1816.

Originally, this was the Goodwood Oven restaurant. Then, for a couple of years, it was Around the Corner.

Now, it is East Meets West, run by Chef Ram Mogandas (age 36). He closed Chuckles Jack in Smiths Falls (they are having a hard time with losing employers) and opened up this one.

Weir wrote an article about the restaurant opening. Our infamous MPP (AKA "Back off government") Hillier (who has blocked me on Twitter –accuses me of 'partisan politics' for my personal opinions) was there, of course. He is in every photo-op in the town.

Also, the mayor of Perth was there, but that makes a bit more sense! It's a nice option, having Indian food, it draws tourists. We have many fine antique stores, as well as touristy places to visit. We have 5 (?) pubs, it being a town settled by Scots! Mexicali Rosa's, pizza shops, Subway, and several coffee shops, as well as Timmy Ho's and other fast foods. I know. I pick up the refuse from the ditches every once in awhile. Lots of coffee cups, as well as beer cans. But I digress.

Now, non-disclosure: there are some cute young things who earn a nice living and a nice following for covering restaurants, festivals, places to go on their blogs, but while I celebrate the places we visit, I do it for fun not fees.
Hubby, with Chef Ram Mogandas behind him
It's a lovely atmosphere, with a nice long bar as you enter the building. The walls, lovingly crafted by Scots stone masons in 1816, give it a certain ambience.

It was yummy food. There is a variety of choices, with food able to be created that avoids dairy, eggs and yeast for hubby. This has meant that hubby has to often choose a hamburger (sans bun) and fries when we eat out.

One can have Indian food, a mix or Italian choices, i.e. pastas. The spices were wonderful.

The staff were attentive. Chef Ram was cheerfully delivering food as the room filled up. It was a wonderful break in the week. Now, back to that %$^#* pump.


EG CameraGirl said...

East Meets West sounds like a very fine place for a meal. If I'm ever in the area ... ;)

Annabelle the guard cat sounds like a treasure.

William Kendall said...

Annabelle is definitely good to have around. It sounds like you'll have to replace the pump, but that might not be doable until you can get the fish out into the pond again.

Hillier's one of the big reasons this conservative can't vote Conservative. The man's a jackass, idiot, bully, and prat. I think I'll have to go say hello on Twitter.

Red said...

Now those are cool plates. We're looking for some new place to eat.Good luck with your fish tank.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
First - oh dear - hope the tank issue doesn't become too much of a burden...

2nd - Y U M M O O O O !!!

Like you, I like to talk about places I visit simply because I liked them; am not looking to get employment with the tourist boards!!! YAM xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Cats are happy; lunch looks good; everything is great except for the fish. Hope you get the tank fixed.