Monday, 2 March 2015

Book Review: Get Life Right

Get Life Right
Get Life Right is a motivational book aimed at personal development. It answers: How to set goals, how to boost confidence, how to improve focus, more.
 A very positive book. It is an easy read, with clearly defined chapters, and specific, helpful guidelines. It's written by David Dunn, 70 years old he seems to be making a difference. He is selling two books, asking one to pay it forward, and place the free book somewhere where someone will pick it up!
Ideas for placement:

  • any kind of mass transit.
  • a medical practice
  • a hospital for waiting rooms
  • reading carts and Gift Shops
  • military hospitals.

Some of it is disconcerting, as one chapter, Topic A-4, espouses positive self-talk, which helps us recognize courage and skills and strengths. It is juxtaposed by Topic A-5, which tells us to take charge of our thought habits and let go of the ego. The Table of Contents is here.

I am certainly not Dunn's target audience. For I am gainfully unemployed and retired; volunteering, and busy with several things. I have no goals left to achieve, my career is over. I am prospering, keeping semi-healthy through exercise, mindful eating, volunteering, activities, hobbies and crafts.

This website is Christian-based, which limits its audience. For those who are of a certain faith group, they may be off-put by this.  The web site is much more Christ-focused, a criticism of the AA 12-step programs of the past. It may put people off.

 Each chapter requires some reflection and thought. There are places for one to write thoughts down.
I feel that this book has been already read, that is there aren't really any new ideas, but combines the self-help books of the past.


Red said...

It looks like somebody is trying to sell three things at once (1) a book , (2) self improvement , (3) religion. Crafty guy!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for giving your review. I will probably give it a miss.

William Kendall said...

Given that I'm a bit lapsed in the religion department, this probably wouldn't be for me.

Cloudia said...

Thanks, Jenn

ALOHA from Honolulu

Powell River Books said...

I used to put free books out as a part of BookCrossing, but many public places like transit pick them up and discard them. Probably the only safe spot is a medical office. - Margy