Saturday, 28 February 2015

I had a mission!

Off to Merrickville!
I did. We needed a new bookcase. We are both bookworms. Hubby's book favourites are often not available at the library. He is a history buff. I'm doing a lot of book reviews these days, and loathe passing the books on, as I have many that are reference materials. We have the space in the basement, and we've been hunting near and far. The new ones range from $800 to $2000! Solid wood, as we have a lot of heavy books, they look beautiful.

I bid on one at our REAL store, a silent auction at the Recycle store, but I lost! It was a large piece, with folding doors, but truly an entertainment unit built of barnboard.
Then there are MY books that remain to sell. I only have 288 left to go!

Thing is, the larger picture books hubby favours require a certain amount of shelf space!

In the spirit of reduce, reuse, upcycle, I was convinced used is the way to go.
Along the way we spotted some interesting pieces for sale.
these I love

looking for a corner shelf ($69 for one a bit steep)

My mom had one!
It's in my garden,
& painted green/blue.
We kept looking, then took a trip to Merrickville. They are having a closing sale at Miller's

Miller's is moving to Port Sydney, very close to were we lived in Bala, Muskoka Lakes region. I love their knack, in Merrickville, for appealing to tourists.

Here we go! I bought this shelving unit, delivery Sunday. Miller's is happy to have everything go, including their shelving units. 
Two drawers and big shelves.
Gotta love the homes!
Wee little semi-detached houses.
Stuff not included!


William Kendall said...

I can see how that kept you busy all day!

Nancy J said...

Hugh made all our bookcases, some have taller shelves at the bottom, tailor made to fit, and some with mahogany shelves that my Dad gave us at least 35 years ago. Hope all the books fit in the new case.

Powell River Books said...

Good thing all the stuff wasn't included. I have a four shelf old legal bookcase with glass doors that my father refinished before I was born. I remember all the books he kept in there. I would sit on the floor and take out ones from the bottom shelf to look at. They were too hard for me to read, but one was a illustrated book about the history of oil. All of the pictures were hand drawn. I must have looked at it a million times, not sure why. Now it holds a lot of my books, a few of Wayne's and lots of good memories. - Margy

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is gorgeous. I can see why you bought it. Need to look at a map to see exactly where Merrickville is. I know where Bala is.

Hilary said...

That's a lovely piece, Jenn/Jill. Good on you for buying used.

Red said...

So it's not about the book case but the shopping! You had fun all the way around.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Nice find! I almost entirely have existed on recycled furniture throughout the years... YAM xx