Sunday, 1 February 2015

Driving Ontario's rural roads, home again

We've been doing our share of driving: we were at medical appointment #XXXII in Carleton Place Friday. That was to see the Naturopath. She's pleased with his progress. For him to have his PSA go down, albeit slightly, means that the immunity boosters and anticancer agents are working. (Or not, but we're doing something right!) She's gotten his stomach better, as well, no more anti-acid pills, now that we're narrowed down his food intolerances. What a journey!
I enjoy driving rural roads, on a good day.
Ironic, who parks beside us, after our well pump troubles!
Perth was a mess Friday morning as we hiked into the city.  Sadly, I only had time to do 3/4 on the driveway, before changing clothes and sprinting into the town. I didn't have time for a shower! (My poor physiotherapist!)

In Carleton Place, I spotted an ambulance screaming around a corner, sliding in the slush. It was bad, even after rush hour.
Bless their hearts! 
They were everywhere after 4" of snow!

Difficult grabbing a photo!
Visual distraction.
This memorial is down beside Car Canada, in Carsonby, Ontario. My first husband and I, and our 3 kids,  used to live here, on Century Rd. I've been unable to figure out who it is for. Another memorial! I feel the same about these as I do the ghost bikes. It brings back anyone's tragedy, or death in the family.
North Gower/ Carsonby old school house
Endangered species
After our event  number 3, (1. new stove, 2.  loaner car for car repairs, 3. new well system), it's been a week. We thought we'd had our three, and we'd be good. Hubby went into town to do shopping and the cash register died on him! He'd emptied all his groceries from the cart to the counter. His back has been bothering him, too. They called for help, sent all the other customers to other cashes. Finally, they gave up. The cashier ushered him to a different cash, having phoned all sorts of head office and other places. The poor man! The store was packed, at noon on a Saturday.


eileeninmd said...

Sounds like an interesting week! So glad you hubby has rec'd a good progress report.. Enjoy your day!

Nancy J said...

A recap on the week, I still have to chuckle at the previous post. Do you have to put snow tyres on for your winter driving? Brave, anyone, who ventures out, where are all your medals for winter outings??

Hilary said...

You were due for some good news.

William Kendall said...

That definitely is my kind of weather.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Crikey... reverse Midas-touch maybe??? There has been lots of snow this side too, but not generally lying for any length of time like yours. Still havoc for travelling though... am hoping it stays fine for getting back to Dunoon tomorrow! YAM xx