Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Winter driving

Below is a list of what not to do. Perhaps, instead, we should know what we ought to do. Mind you, anyone *I* know doesn't do this kind of thing! Somehow, on that fateful day, I captured two shots of the car in Port Carling!
$110 fine in Ontario!

What a sight!

Driving kit

  1. Slow down, adjust your speed in bad weather.
  2. Leave space between your vehicle and the next. (Even though, yes, people drive into it. It takes 4 - 10 % longer to brake on ice or snow.)
  3. Look ahead of the car ahead of you. Prepare.
  4. Even 4-wheel drive doesn't help in some road conditions. Be smart, not arrogant.
  5. Relax, give yourself enough time to get there, leave early, or prepare to be late.
  6. Break down your actions: brake gently, then steer smoothly, then finally, accelerate out of the skid.
  7. Keep your front and rear lights on, it helps those around you.
  8. Ensure that you can feel the brake properly with your feet, through your footwear.
  9. Clear off your car. It's a $110 fine in Ontario if you do not.
  10. Plan for the worst: blanket, kitty litter or sand, safety candle, first aid box, extra food, flares.
 The 10 biggest mistakes people make when winter driving – via Cottage Life |

We’re Canadians. We should, in theory, know how to drive in snowy, icy conditions, laughing at the ravages of winter as we cruise comfortably to our destination.


William Kendall said...

How lazy do they really have to be? That's trouble just waiting to happen.

Red said...

All rules make sense to me but you can't legislate against fools.

Kay said...

No kidding? $110 fine for not cleaning off your car? Chicago should institute that law. I see a lot of people who 'forget.'

Powell River Books said...

Growing up in Southern California I didn't learn how to drive in winter conditions. I'm not good at it, so I leave the driving to Wayne who grew up in Upstate New York. - Margy