Saturday, 10 January 2015

We have a new baby: Annabelle cat

Poor cat in a barn
Yes, Sady has her issues. No time to sit around feeling sad. Today, we look at those who need us.

Annabelle is a 2-year-old (or so) small cat found in a barn. She is not a barn cat. She wasn't thriving in the barn, despite the fact that there are many cats in rural Ontario who manage. What the heck. What is one more cat? She was getting along with with the 5 cats where she was being fostered, but Amy, her foster-mom, found that was her max!


Dorah plays it safe up high
It's a bit tricky. They are settling in. Wee Annabelle growls her precious face off, pre-empting any grief from other cats.

Her only downside... right now she is inhaling her food, not nibbling like ours, and she has very smelling flatulence! By the third day, her flatulence has ceased. Thank goodness!

First night, her first few hours...she tried to drink my soy milk/ovaltine. She is a very affectionate cat! Desperate for loving and attention. She dominates the room for now, the others are intimidated.


I had a sweet face nudging me at 6:00 a.m., thinking she was hungry. Sady had tried to come up on the bed in the night, but Annabelle growled in self-defense and Sady backed off.
We were watching TV, and I noticed Sir raiding the bird feeder. I held Annabelle up to the window, just for a peek, and she growled at our buck, Sir, 10' outside the door on the front garden. This is clearly a cat who is used to defending herself.

Wednesday morning I took some time to play with Daisy and Annabelle in the basement. It was parallel play, as both had a mouse, and they were very aware of one another, but there was no interaction nor growling.

They are coming to terms with it all, except that everyone has moved locations. Sady, who was sleeping in the office in the day, is now under the table. Buster has taken over the rocker in the office.
Buster on the rocker in the office
 Dorah was sleeping in the spare room. She's been hiding under our bed for now. Then she took the high ground, on the shelf. Last night, rather than Sady between us and Buster at the bottom of the bed, Annabelle was at hubby's feet most of the night. Daisy spends the night in the basement by the fire on her blanket box.

Wednesday night, Daisy on a blanket, on the blanket box. Hubby in his warm robe by the fire. Annabelle on the couch beside me. A truce for this evening, just over the first 24 hours! Sady popped in, but took off.
Sady enters the room, sees Daisy, and takes off!


This is day 3, and aside from smelly toots, and claiming to be totally starving ALL THE TIME, she is adorable! We are giving the other cats much time and attention. Lots of brushing and lovin's. Hubby watched curling in the basement with poor old Sady. Daisy came and went. Here we are watching a PVR of the People's Choice Awards. I did a workout in the basement, where Daisy helped me.
Annabelle and I did some selfies.


Annabelle thnks that every dish of food is hers. Except for Sady's hypoallergenic crunchies. She's n
Hubby and Dorah
ot thrilled with these. We've been feeding Annabelle her Medical Dental. Nice big, round crunchies, that she sort of chews. The vet says she can have 3/4 cup. She's used to inhaling any food she can get her teeth into, out in the wild. I suppose that is the life of feral cats. Our cats munch during the day.

This seems to work. We watched the singles curling, while cats came and went. Dorah sat with hubby. They are slowing lowering their guards, but it will take time.
Buster is slowly recovering from his worms, although he's not the night owl he's been, nor does he want to do walkies.
Daisy and I went walkies in the forest to place out a trail cam I bought. 
I was curious to see if I could figure out which critters are haunting the forest in the night. Daisy thought I should put it up in a tree. She climbed a half-dozen. I spotted a spot where the deer had made a bed. 

box with leaves
deer bed in the forest
The goose with the broken wing has disappeared, again. Someone has put out a box with leaves. I left some food, although I hope s/he is gone, and out of her pain. 


Rising at 5:51, anxious to pre-empt any 'discussion', I fed everyone their own dish. Annabelle ("I have NEVER been fed!"), had hers. Buster went for the crunchies, but A
Saturday's Critters #56
nnabelle thought those were hers, too. Buster growled back. "My's food!" 
Sady likes her hypoallergenic canned food, I took her some in the basement, whilst I built up the fire.
 The fire is getting warmer, on this cold, January day. Life unfolds as it should. We have enough love for all of you, I assure them. Everyone gets a brush and some TLC. 

Annabelle play from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Our Annabelle, the newest member of our family, really liked the (sssshhh - dog) toy, a badger. She is beginning to relax, as are the other cats. She chased Daisy cat, who is about her size, and they were playing. Both cats are runts, I think. Daisy is an adult, but only 7lbs.


eileeninmd said...

Jen, you are so nice to take in another kitty. I hope they all get along nicely.. Sounds like the new Annabelle is a bit bossy and a piggie.. Great photos.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

EG CameraGirl said...

A lovely post about daily life with your cats. I hope Annabelle learns to share. :))

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I'm sure, once Annabelle realizes that food will come to her every day she'll not inhale it, Eileen!
It truly boils down to perceiving each moving thing as a potential predator.
I am confident!

Margaret Adamson said...

You certainly have a big heart for cats and it is wonderful that you are making room for 1 more. She looks lovely and given time I am sure she will settle in with the other cats. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lea said...

She's a lovely kitty, and I'm sure everyone will get along happily together after this period of adjustment is over.
Have a great week-end!

Grandma K said...

She is so beautiful. She is probably going to me so food driven for a long tiae (I know that previous work isn't right. Ay computer is acting stupid and putting the wrong letter up - checked it over and over - spell check helps some)

William Kendall said...

Given time, everyone will adjust. She looks like a sweetheart.

Karen said...

It takes time to fit in with the pack. I have FIVE cats in my house at present. They all get along pretty well (save the OLD cat who just sleeps all day). It will all work out once they establish their pecking order.

Judy said...

She is a lovely girl, and I am glad that she has found a loving home!!

carol l mckenna said...

What a delightful post of your 'family' of critters and love the photos of Annabelle snuggled with hubby ~

Happy Weekend,
artmusedog and carol

Nancy J said...

A story in words and photos, a huge smile from me, and in time I am sure they will all adjust to a newbie. She is a beauty, and I would have had her in a flash, as well.And as this is only the first week, it will all fall into place soon. I do like seeing Mr J, with one or the other by his side or on his knee, what better way to spend a winter's day. Hugs to all, Jean. p.s. special ones to Sady

AC said...

I am so thrilled that Annabelle has such a wonderful new home! I hope her "healthy appetite" settles soon, once she realizes that her new family won't let her be hungry! I am glad she is so photogenic and that her new mom keeps her camera handy! I love all the pictures and videos- thank you for sharing!

Kay said...

Awww... your are so loving with the kitties. I do love that photo of your hubby with Dora.

Gunilla Bäck said...

She's beautiful! I hope they'll soon get used to one another and that they'll all get along fine.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
She is lovely ... that never filled tummy is certainly part of not believing there is so much on hand combined with competition perceived from others (separate plates will soon bring that down)... but do consider also, Jenn, that wild living will almost certainly mean worms and other pests, so a hefty dosing via the gobbled food would be a good plan...

Welcome Annabelle!!! YAM xx

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Good advice, Yam. All taken care of! Amy, her foster-mom, is a technician on our veterinarian team. She was 'fixed' just before Christmas, dewormed, and deflea'd. I am under strict instructions to report on Annabelle's progress, hence the long post! Any adoptive family needs time, and this will take some time. I'm an adoptee. I know how tough it can be.

Hilary said...

Oh she is simply beautiful. I'm amazed at how well your cats are adjusting to her bossy presence. No pee spots appearing indoors? My two hated their intruder but he was aggressive toward them. Annabelle just seems to be a fear growler. And very hungry!

Marie said...

Such loving kitty parents you and your husband are! Annabelle has the perfect new home, bless her heart. It sounds like she is slowly getting used to everything (and everyone getting used to her)

DeniseinVA said...

Annabelle is a beautiful cat. A lovely addition to your cat family.