Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Community support for Neil Doef: update

Jan. 12 · 
Some exciting news was released today about Neil through a family member!
Neil has regained some sensation and movement in one leg, however his rehab is still ongoing and he will have many challenges in the future.
His rehab will give him independence and this sensation and movement will definitely be a bonus in the rehab program but there will still be many obstacles, the most obvious at this time being his ability to return to their present home. Renovations or a possible move will be in the immediate future and we will be assisting this need as much as we can through ongoing fundraising efforts.
Neil continues to show his fighting spirit and we will continue to update this page as his rehab program progresses.

Jan. 7th · 
Neil Doef (pronounced doof) and his family would like everyone to know he has entered intensive rehab therapy. Neil has suffered a spinal cord injury that has resulted in loss of movement to his lower body, however, he remains hopeful and committed to pushing himself as far as he can at rehab. As most can imagine this has been a very traumatic time for Neil and his family and hence why they have asked for some privacy these last few weeks. 
Ottawa Senators Goodwill Ambassadors
make donation to Doefstrong.

"Friends of Doef" will continue to administer the 'Doefstrong in trust' account at the Scotiabank. We will support fund raising efforts with consultation and approval of the family. This will allow them to focus on Neil. There will be many changes needed for short term and potentially long term for Neil and all funds raised will go towards these needs. To date we are thrilled to say that from here at home in Smiths Falls to across Canada and USA we have raised $100,000. Much more will be needed as needs become more apparent, but we are off to a great start. Thank you to everyone.
As fund raisers continue we will update our social media accounts (Doefstrong page on FB, @doefstrong on Twitter)
Donations can be made at any Scotiabank to "Doefstrong in trust" or by e-transfer to
Again from the family, thank you for the support and privacy allowing them time to adjust.
Doef was representing Eastern Canada at an international junior tournament in Saskatchewan when he went hard into the boards. He was taken off the ice on a stretcher. He underwent surgery.  Doef is a star with the Smiths Falls Bears and had committed to a hockey scholarship at Princeton. The tournament he was playing in was a showcase for top young prospects around the world. 

CTV's Annie Bergeron-Oliver on the outpouring of support for Smiths Falls' Neil Doef, who was severely injured in Saskatoon.
Neil Doef, Smiths Falls Bears

Hockey community rallies around 17-year-old player from Smiths Falls

17-year-old hockey player, Neil Doef remains in hospital after a serious injury

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