Tuesday 9 December 2014

Otty Woods Development on Otty Lake

[Canoeing movie]
Otty Woods is a development on Otty Lake. I've canoed the lake several times. I took the grandkids canoeing on Day 6 of our babysitting week!

Yogi's post about building a mall on his wonderful Turkey Mountain made me think about the area.

Otty Woods a lovely spot, nestled in the heart of farmland. There are 26 lots for sale, one has been sold. It irks the long-established families, since the lake is at capacity. Many have concerns about the water table. There is a walking trail for all of these homeowners to go down to the lake. There is a waterfront area, with a gazebo, BBQ and fire pit, all are to share.

We attended their open house in 2013.

It's on old farm land, wisely replanted with pines many years ago, and there are many critters here. The main house is a beautiful old stone building. It must have been a thriving farm in its day. The land has been divided up into 27 parcels (their map is here) of 2 -  5 acres, with a border of protected wetland.
They've scoured trails out of the woods, and the deer are happy to use these for their benefit.

There is a new road in.
Not on the map yet.
It's off of Elm Grove Rd.,
scraped out of forest.
They bashed through rock for months,
using noisy hammers.

Otty Lake - Max depth 60'!
Otty Woods - just above "60" above.

The region was scoured by glaciers.
Many shallow lakes, now infested with Zebra mussels.
The shoreline is at maximum capacity.
The old farmhouse is to the left of the word 'Otty'


eileeninmd said...

It is sad to see this land being divided up into parcels for development.. I feel sorry for the animals that will lose their habitat and homes due to development and more houses..

William Kendall said...

Whenever I hear of a real estate developer's plans for a parcel of land and the tranquil, serene name they come up with for it, it just reminds me that what comes is going to be the opposite for what it tore up, including the woods. Shady Acres, Forest Brook, or Meadow Run tend to be among that lot.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
No one can leave idyll alone... YAM xx